• Is it possible to have only numbers in a tag?

    Is it possible to have only numbers in a tag?
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  • Why do hyperlinks look different?

    What was the thinking behind the way that hyperlinks are displayed in Jive 7 (or this could have been an earlier version, im not sure, we just upgraded to 7). Instead of them being underlined there is a little icon be...
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  • Where do I find training material on Outlook & Office connectors?

    Where do I find training material on Outlook & Office connectors?
    Ian Anderson
    created by Ian Anderson
  • Use case of "status update" vs "start discussion"

    Hello everybody (e.g., Jive Internal Communities)   How do you usually coach people in effective use of "status update" vs "start discussion"? I ask because I am noticing conversations happening on JC via commen...
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  • Delete Direct Message

    Is there a way to delete a direct message? (in cloud)
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  • Migrating Wordpress

    Does anyone have any suggestions, tips or hints on migrating a wordpress site to JIVE?
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  • Content search results

    Is it possible to include a thumbnail in this type of content search results view.?  
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  • How do I turn on moderation for a space?

    How do I turn on moderation for a space?
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  • Calendar function - is there a way to create recurring meetings?

    Using the events module, is there  a way to make an event reoccurring?
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  • What is the maximum file size for uploaded files?

    I can't find a setting related to max file size in the Admin console, so I'm wondering if there is an upper limit for the size of uploaded files. Relatedly, is there a maximum number or size of attachments?   T...
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  • How can I customize the overview page

    Warm greetings   The group I am creating should have an overview page alike the overview page here. Goal is to offer a layout of Help files, videos, documents, etc. I am not as experienced with the various fea...
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  • Why is a Binary Upload called a Binary Upload?

    Can anyone tell me why a Binary Upload is called a Binary Upload?  So far, from completing the Missions, it seems that Binary Uploads are just uploaded documents.  Why the tricky phraseology?  Are we ju...
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  • how can i upload a binary upload?

    Mike C don't know what's binary upload and wanted to upload it~
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  • What are "top contacts" in the user profile?

    What defines the "top contacts" that appear on the left side of the user profile? Looking at my top contacts (in either the Jive Community or in our 7.0 sandbox), it doesn't appear they have the most followers or the ...
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  • join vs follow a group

    What's the difference between joining or following an open group?  I'm trying to determine which behavior to encourage, but I don't fully understand the difference myself.   Currently on Jive 6, but moving ...
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  • Is it possible to get a download of the Jive 7 User Reference Guides?

    It would be really handy to have a download of these (we already have the videos). We can then post them to our help space and also use them to form the basis of our user training.   Thanks.
  • How can I add RECENT DISCUSSIONS widget on Overview page?

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  • Is it possible to delete mulitple versions at once?

    Other than clicking each red deletion icon one by one, is there a way to delete multiple versions? Say, by using the check boxes?
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  • How do I Delete/Deactivate a group?

    I have a group which has been now migrated (manually) into a space. I would like to get rid of the old group. How do I delete it?
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  • Community Manager Reports in Jive 7

    Hey James Ungerer - We're making the jump from Jive 5 to Jive Cloud/7 and realize there's a lot more offered to the end users regarding reporting. Particularly, I'm looking for training/documentation on how users shou...
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