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We interrupt your current programming (killer feature announcement, meeting at the XYZ bar) to bring you what's else is HOT at JiveWorld09


VJ Culture.

That's his name (though no one would argue that video jockeying doesn't have its own culture).


Just as a DJ mixes sound, a VJ mixes images. At Jiveworld09, cutting-edge VJ Culture (a.k.a. Grant Davis) will “mash up” the JiveWorld09 community, including snippets of the JiveWorld video contest entries.


VJ Culture has worked with Beck, Mary J. Blige, P-Diddy, The Rapture, Common, Eryka Badu, Jazzy Jeff, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, REM, Pearl Jam, and about every other top 100 DJ.


Check out his work, and imagine it with snippets of the Jive community. (Which reminds me, we extended the video contest deadline to 10/21 -- c'mon people! Enter!)



Rock Your Avatar with a Professional Photo Shoot


Don't you almost always notice when someone changes his or her avatar?


You can tell good lighting and a great expression, even when it's the size of a postage stamp.


So just imagine all the buzz you'll hear after you upload your hip new avatar from JiveWorld09 -- I can already see the Twitterstream of compliments.


At Wednesday night’s conference party, you can get your “glamour shot” avatar professionally photographed by our conference photographer, Colin Vincent. We’ve even lined up a makeup artist for the gals (and even the guys).


So plan to get in front of the camera and strike a pose — we’ll email you the photo after the show.



Rives' Slam Poetry, Jive-Style



Nationally acclaimed slam poet, Rives, is in his own words “a man of words that make more sense on the stage than they do on the page.”


You've probably seen him on TED telling a story of mixed emoticons. But nothing will compare to experience Rives in person at JiveWorld09. He'll be combing JiveWorld09 for the inside scoop on the Jive Community, and will blow your mind during his morning and afternoon sessions on Mainstage.


"Get Together" Photo Booth


Last but not least....


In case you haven’t noticed, JiveWorld09’s creative theme features photo booth photography.


At the show, there’ll be a booth (sponsored by Syncapse) so you can get your own souvenir photo strip. Don’t be shy! Grab your fellow customers and a couple of Jivers, pop in to create your own fun photo strips.



Phew! That's it. Are you ready to rock your JiveWorld yet?


OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming (Jive moments, public/internal communities...)

Thanks to Ken Domen of Nike for entering our Jive Together video contest!



We also appreciate those of you who are choosing to submit yours directly to Jive without making them public. (It's nice being one of your company's best-kept secrets -- but we do look forward to the day you're willing to spill the beans.)


There's still time to enter! Jiving Together can mean anything, including recruiting your kids to talk about it (as Ken's video greatly illustrates).


C'mon -- you've got a video camera on your phone, built into your PC or sitting in a drawer somewhere, don't you?   Break it out and show us your Jive!

We've already packed the JiveWorld09 agenda with so much goodness you'll wish you could clone yourself, but wait... there's MORE!


Nothing beats the free-flowing discussion, story-swapping and notes-comparison that only happens within a small group setting.


That's why we've dedicated 2 suites at the W to the Jive SBS Roundtables. Each features a business or technical topic with a Jive expert (or two) leading an hour-long discussion with your like-minded peers. You'll walk away with expert insights, direct feedback and lessons learned from your fellow attendees, as well as build professional network to keep the conversation going long after JiveWorld is over.


Only 8 customers per roundtable -- register online now to secure your spot!

Assuming you've already registered for JiveWorld09, you can now sign up (for no additional cost) for a roundtable discussion.


We're limiting the number of participants to assure a higher quality conversation. I strongly suggest you review the overall conference agenda to confirm which track and training sessions you plan to attend, and then register for a roundtable that fits your interests and schedule. Once we hit the maximum seating for a given topic, registration will be closed.


The Suites, Sessions & Experts


The Ask the Product Experts suite provides an open forum for attendees to ask questions, have discussions and provide open feedback to Jive's product experts.

Everything Jive SBS (Session 1 or Session 2)

  • Mike Marfise, Senior Director of Product Management
  • Olivia Teich, Director of Product Management
  • Greg Unrein, Product Manager, Jive Software


Jive Customizations and Upgrades: Best Practices

  • Erskine Williams, Director of Professional Services, Jive Software



The Explore Together suite provides an open forum for attendees to share ideas, experiences and best practices for taking Jive SBS to the next level.

Aligning Community Analytics with Business Goals

  • Kathryn Everest, Director of Strategic Consulting


Gaining Executive Support for SBS

  • Gia Lyons, Director of Strategic Consulting


Technical Best Practices for Supporting Global Deployments

  • Erik Onnen, Principal Software Engineer, JiveSoftware




On behalf of the Jive roundtable experts, I look forward to many productive and insightful discussions. See you in SF!



Introducing Tracks on the Jive Community
Configure your Jive Community experience by selecting a track. We'll use this track on the homepage to show you relevant content and help you find resources quickly. You can change your track easily from the homepage or your profile.
As a community manager, you're an ambassador for your Jive community as you build places, curate content and engage with fellow community members. To help you go further with your site, we'll share success stories and other resources.
Whether considering a new purchase or working on an upgrade, technology managers need insight on the best ways to implement a community and learn more about the various upgrades in software releases.
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Whether you're a developer, system administrator or a designer, you need insight on building a great user experience for your Jive community. Get the scoop on theming, API's, upgrades and more.
We've got a special area for partners to get essential information and best practices they need for describing and selling Jive to potential customers.
Whether or not you have a specific role in your Jive community, this track highlights areas of interest to Jive users such as training materials, community best practices and an opportunity to network with other customers.
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