This is my first JiveWorld conference and I am very impressed.  We had excellent sessions today, from the keynotes to the customer presentations to the detailed technical presentations.  And lots of opportunities to meet other customers (unbelievable how everyone who is a customer wants to connect and share with others).  I particularly appreciate the accessibility of key people such as Tony Zingale, CEO; John McKraken, VP sales, and of course Gia.  Hoping to talk with Bill Lynch tomorrow about Alfresco integration.


Lots of Community members everywhere as well.  This site is really a tremendous opportunity for all of us to connect and share.


As someone who has been in the IT industry for 28 years, I am amazed by the energy and passion not only of the Jive people but also of the customers.  As Tony said in his opening, we are on a journey together, and together we have the opportunity to define this new revolution.  We all feel it within our companies, and amongst each other.  Pretty exciting.


I can't remember being more pumped up about my work.  Nothing that I have done over the last three decades will have as big an impact as what I am doing now; our deployment of Jive across our company.  Exciting times!