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Not long ago I posted thoughts on Why I'm looking forward to JiveWorld 2010.  I never thought it would be possible, but Jive certainly outdid themselves this year.


1. Company Content. Networking. Customer Case Studies.

Yet again, Jive demonstrated they understood that all three are critical and programmed the perfect balance of content in each area. I so love the fact that Jive lets real customers share their stories. We learn best from each other, and not from industry pundits. Jive gets that. And I had no idea that Jive could outdo themselves from last year, but they did. The speed networking was somewhat of an 'un-conference' within a conference. And the rooms were PACKED. There were waiting lines to get into the sessions.  Many of the tracks were standing room only - and for the first time I saw people STAY in sessions because they were riveted learning from other customers.

2. Vision. Innovation. Passion.

It's easier for Jive customers to have passion about Jive's brand because it's clear they have passion for this space. They are not comfortable sitting on the sidelines - they are committed to pushing innovations in this space. And wow, did we hear that Jive has a lot in store for us.

3. Leadership. Commitment to Excellence.

As an Executive Advisory Board member I got to participate in their second annual EAB in person meeting that took place before the conference. I left this year's event even more impressed with Jive's leadership. They care about what their customers need and the input their customers have on their go to market strategy.

4. Smart Customers.

This space is fun to be in right now. We are all pioneers in our respective organizations, transforming the way we work with our employees, our customers or our eco-systems. I find smart people in similar roles as I am - and it's so much fun to meet new ones doing inspiring things in their organizations. JiveWorld 2010 proved to provide all the right opportunities for me to meet new friends in this space and learn from very smart people.



And finally, Jive, thank you for the Jive Champion Award

And finally, it's an honor to receive this year's Jive Champion Award.


For the first time in my over 20 year career in collaboration, I truly feel these newer tools in Enterprise 2.0 have the greatest promise to deliver what in truth many of us have always wanted in our enabling tools. It's easy to have passion and feel inspired to work in this space right now.


But it's truly easy to be a Jive champion. Why do I say that?


In my two year journey with Jive, I have been consistently impressed, not just with the tool they develop, but more importantly with the character of the company.  Jive leaders are committed to excellence, demonstrate strong integrity (at good moments, but more important during hurdles), and continue to deliver on an aggressive innovative vision.  It's easy to be a brand advocate for a company who truly listens to their customers and goes the extra mile to be sure they are heard. And Jive is at a much stronger, leadership position in the marketplace than they were when we first starting evaluating their product and their company. I can truly say that Jive has done all the right things in the last two years to make it easy to help newer customers with their evaluation programs.



If you missed JiveWorld this year, don't miss it next year.  There's a reason why Jive is in the leaders quadrant in Gartner's last three quadrants (Employee/Workplace, External Communities, Social CRM)*.




* See the reports:




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