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Hello everyone!


I am still high on JiveWorld10, stars in my eyes, dazzled by the passion and energy of each and every person I met this week. No doubt about it – the Jive community is a special breed. As CEO Tony Zingale said, we’re all family now, and I could not be happier to be part of the social business revolution.


This is not how I felt one year ago, coming out of JiveWorld09. Not because there was less passion, excitement or revolutionary ideas last year. It wasn’t you, JiveWorld – it was me. No, really. Here’s why:


June 2009: I ‘joined’ the community project at ArcSight. My manager said, ‘We are going to redesign the customer community and think you would be great as the Community Manager.’ Out loud I said, ‘Huh. OK.’ In my head I thought, ‘Uh… crap. What does that mean?’


There was a Jive Open House hosted in Palo Alto right around this time. I went. There were community managers from Apple, SAP, Charles Schwab, Kaiser, more. I was a deer in the headlights: terrified of someone asking me a question because I didn’t know anything yet, and too scared to ask questions myself because I didn’t know anything yet.


July – August 2009: Crash course in strategy, design, Admin Console, handling widgets. Who knew that my rusty HTML skills were going to come in handy?


September 2009: Official launch of Protect 724, the ArcSight redesigned customer community, complete with launch party at the ArcSight user conference, Protect ’09.


October 2009 – April 2010: Listen, Learn, Refine, Measure, Rinse and Repeat


May 2010: ArcSight began designing our second Jive SBS instance for our employee community. This time, I was less terrified. I thought, ‘OK, I know how to do this! I have learned a lot in a year.’ Ha! Not so fast. Yes I learned a lot. But with the employee community, my role is different. Last year, it was all about learning Jive and learning how to build. This year, it is about teaching others about Jive and how they can build. And navigating the needs of more stakeholders. And learning more about governance and security. And… and…


August 2010: Company-wide launch of iROCK, the ArcSight employee community – woo hoo!


Which brings us to September 2010, JiveWorld10. This time around, no more fear. I’m still just lil’ ol’ me. But after a year of designing, training, learning, refining, I’m no longer afraid to be asked questions. I’m not afraid to ask my own. I love hearing other people’s questions, and the answers that all of us have to offer, no matter where we are on our Jive journeys. And to echo the words of my new personal hero, Marty Cooper, ‘Reach out. Do not fear failure.’


What a trip it has been, from deer in the headlights to feeling embraced in a new family. Thank you, Jive Community, for making this week a Cinderella experience for me.




Trisha Liu is the Enterprise Community Manager at ArcSight, Inc. You can follow her on Twitter or contact her via LinkedIn.

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