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Hey, I'm just covering the bases here in the JiveWorld10 group to get your attention about roundtables for this year's conference.


Your feedback is what helps make JiveWorld a great event, so please check out the poll I just created and give your feedback!


Here is the poll.



We want your opinion! To build the best JiveWorld11 yet, help us develop  networking opportunities that connect you to your peers. Tell us what  you think by participating in our poll.

JiveWorld11 Is Coming . . .

Posted by megan Nov 10, 2010

We've opened JiveWorld11 pre-registration!


Be first on the list to learn when the official registration site is launched as well as get $100 off your JW11 registration.


Pre-register here.


Look forward to seeing all the JiveWorld10 attendees and all the new faces in Las Vegas next October.

Interested in learning more about one of the award-winning case studies from JiveWord10?



Then join us (Alcatel-Lucent's @greg2dot0 @VSJem @cNet2u0 and Jive's @timzonca) on a live webcast next Wednesday (Oct 6th) to discuss how they rolled out an employee community -- called Engage -- to connect over 10,000 employees in the first 60 days:




If you have any questions for them, comment here and we'll make sure to cover those too. In the meantime, The specified item was not found. and Jem have both shared insights in recent blog posts.


See you online!

Just under a week ago the 7Summits team set out from Milwaukee and Chicago bound for JiveWorld 2010 #jw10.


This was my first JiveWorld and to be honest I did not know what to expect. My career in interactive has spanned 10 years in both IT and Marketing roles and in that time I've had the opportunity to attend many events hosted by software manufacturers and industry specific tradeshows. After 3 days in San Francisco at JiveWorld quite frankly I was blown away! I've never attended an event where I met a more engaged and enthusiastic audience that spanned employees, customers, prospects, users and developers that were so excited about a software platform. It was a very different feel from a Microsoft or IBM event!


The quality of the speakers was first class, and their candor and honesty was very different and refreshing. Tony Zingale, Jive's CEO blazed the trail with a very honest and direct speech about the opportunity in front Jive and its stakeholders that was very inspiring. To sum it up: Jive is the software leader in the social business revolution, and everyone that's involved with this software has an opportunity to change the game and share in their success. Additionally a keynote from Marty Cooper (the inventor of the cellphone) really resonated with the audience as he discussed the path he took to beat AT&T to market with the first cellphone and discussed his excitement about the social media revolution currently underway.


Jive's product roadmap is also really exciting including the release of SBS 5 which includes a load of cool new features that i've summarized below:


  • Jive What Matters: This update focuses on personalization and recommendation to filter out the clutter for end users
  • Jive Apps Market: The Jive Apps Market will create an amazing ecosystem for developers and software integrations that will extend and enhance SBS within the enterprise
  • Jive Mobile: Support for HTML 5 as well as new apps for iPad, BlackBerry and Android in addition to the iPhone is awesome!


From my perspective, I really enjoyed the discussions and breakout sessions with fellow practitioners of social media to discuss strategy, ideas, issues, tactics and opportunities with respect to the application of social media for business. I had a particularly interesting discussion with a number of social media strategists and community managers in one of the breakout workshops from McAfee, SAP and Kaiser Permanente on various community topics covering: content strategy, scalability, activation, adoption, education, onboarding, moderation and governance. Its clear to me that there is an opportunity for the community as a whole to document and share more niche guidelines, best practices and case studies on all these topics to help one another.


To close out I thought i'd share some random photos we took along the way to document our trip. Enjoy and I hope to see you at JiveWorld 2011 in Vegas!



We've lost count of the number of folks emailing, instant messaging, posting questions, skyping, and sending smoke signals our way, asking,

"Where are the JiveWorld10 videos and presentations?"


They're all right here.



Oh, and if you're looking for your new avatar photos, here's the gallery.

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Let us know what you think!

Not long ago I posted thoughts on Why I'm looking forward to JiveWorld 2010.  I never thought it would be possible, but Jive certainly outdid themselves this year.


1. Company Content. Networking. Customer Case Studies.

Yet again, Jive demonstrated they understood that all three are critical and programmed the perfect balance of content in each area. I so love the fact that Jive lets real customers share their stories. We learn best from each other, and not from industry pundits. Jive gets that. And I had no idea that Jive could outdo themselves from last year, but they did. The speed networking was somewhat of an 'un-conference' within a conference. And the rooms were PACKED. There were waiting lines to get into the sessions.  Many of the tracks were standing room only - and for the first time I saw people STAY in sessions because they were riveted learning from other customers.

2. Vision. Innovation. Passion.

It's easier for Jive customers to have passion about Jive's brand because it's clear they have passion for this space. They are not comfortable sitting on the sidelines - they are committed to pushing innovations in this space. And wow, did we hear that Jive has a lot in store for us.

3. Leadership. Commitment to Excellence.

As an Executive Advisory Board member I got to participate in their second annual EAB in person meeting that took place before the conference. I left this year's event even more impressed with Jive's leadership. They care about what their customers need and the input their customers have on their go to market strategy.

4. Smart Customers.

This space is fun to be in right now. We are all pioneers in our respective organizations, transforming the way we work with our employees, our customers or our eco-systems. I find smart people in similar roles as I am - and it's so much fun to meet new ones doing inspiring things in their organizations. JiveWorld 2010 proved to provide all the right opportunities for me to meet new friends in this space and learn from very smart people.



And finally, Jive, thank you for the Jive Champion Award

And finally, it's an honor to receive this year's Jive Champion Award.


For the first time in my over 20 year career in collaboration, I truly feel these newer tools in Enterprise 2.0 have the greatest promise to deliver what in truth many of us have always wanted in our enabling tools. It's easy to have passion and feel inspired to work in this space right now.


But it's truly easy to be a Jive champion. Why do I say that?


In my two year journey with Jive, I have been consistently impressed, not just with the tool they develop, but more importantly with the character of the company.  Jive leaders are committed to excellence, demonstrate strong integrity (at good moments, but more important during hurdles), and continue to deliver on an aggressive innovative vision.  It's easy to be a brand advocate for a company who truly listens to their customers and goes the extra mile to be sure they are heard. And Jive is at a much stronger, leadership position in the marketplace than they were when we first starting evaluating their product and their company. I can truly say that Jive has done all the right things in the last two years to make it easy to help newer customers with their evaluation programs.



If you missed JiveWorld this year, don't miss it next year.  There's a reason why Jive is in the leaders quadrant in Gartner's last three quadrants (Employee/Workplace, External Communities, Social CRM)*.




* See the reports:





Excellent Conference

Posted by Bart.Schutte Sep 15, 2010

This is my first JiveWorld conference and I am very impressed.  We had excellent sessions today, from the keynotes to the customer presentations to the detailed technical presentations.  And lots of opportunities to meet other customers (unbelievable how everyone who is a customer wants to connect and share with others).  I particularly appreciate the accessibility of key people such as Tony Zingale, CEO; John McKraken, VP sales, and of course Gia.  Hoping to talk with Bill Lynch tomorrow about Alfresco integration.


Lots of Community members everywhere as well.  This site is really a tremendous opportunity for all of us to connect and share.


As someone who has been in the IT industry for 28 years, I am amazed by the energy and passion not only of the Jive people but also of the customers.  As Tony said in his opening, we are on a journey together, and together we have the opportunity to define this new revolution.  We all feel it within our companies, and amongst each other.  Pretty exciting.


I can't remember being more pumped up about my work.  Nothing that I have done over the last three decades will have as big an impact as what I am doing now; our deployment of Jive across our company.  Exciting times!

Want to know what companies will be represented at JIveWorld? Check out this little list:







Charles Schwab






Lifetime Fitness




Musician's Friend

National Instruments


Premier Farnell


Putnam Investments



Sling Media


Swiss Re



United Healthcare



Register today!

Gia Lyons

Go, Speed Networking!

Posted by Gia Lyons Employee Aug 12, 2010

First, thanks so much to those who submitted ideas and voted on speed networking topics. Your input helped shape the following choices during the Speed Networking hour, 2:45 to 3:45 PM on Sept 15. You'll be able to visit up to three tables:


Speed Networking Choices
Geography: Central U.S.
Geography: Eastern U.S. and Europe
Geography:  Western U.S.
Industry: Consumer Goods
Industry: Finance
Industry: Health Care & Pharma
Industry: Technology
Journey: Building a Business Case/Pilot
Journey: In Production < 1 Year
Journey: Technical Integrations
Journey: In Production 1+ Years
Role: Community Manager
Role: Social Media Marketer
Role: Strategist
Role: System Administrator


Don't forget about all the other networking opportunities at JiveWorld, too!


See you all soon!

party.pngLast year, you loved networking so much that you said, "We want more time to be social!" So, this year, JiveWorld10 will offer so many opportunities to connect, both structured and unstructured, that you can network your heart out.


Choose from our must-attend roundtables, buzz through "speed networking" sessions, reserve a networking lounge for those you most want to meet with, or come to our special networking event at Jillian's on Tuesday  evening. You will leave well connected, and with a ton of tips and techniques straight from those leading the way in Social.


Roundtable Discussions

Back by popular demand! We quickly filled roundtable discussions last year, so this year we're offering additional roundtables for both the most popular topics as well as some new perspectives. Some of our most successful customers will be facilitating along with Jive experts.  Look for roundtable topics and sign-ups coming soon to the JiveWorld website.


Speed Networking

People want to connect with people like them, whether it's by geography, role, industry, or where you are in your community journey. We've built in the speed networking hour on Tuesday afternoon where you'll be able to visit up to three tables. Want a voice in what the networking groups should be? Submit your ideas today, and vote for your favorite groups in one of four categories: Geography, Role, Industry, Journey.


Networking Lounge

Need to grab a lounge room for 5 to 15 people to chat about any topic you wish? Be sure to sign up onsite for one of the 45-minute slots available in one of two networking lounge rooms. Or, just drop by the greater lounge to take a load off and network with the JiveWorld10 attendees at large.


Networking Evening at Jillians

Tuesday night, relax with friends and play some billiards, or join in a ping pong tournament at Jillian's. The food is festive, and the company, of course, will be lively. And, if that's not enough, join us Wednesday night for the blowout party at ROE.


We hope you take advantage of these networking opportunities!

Hard to believe JiveWorld10 is RIGHT around the corner!   I know I'm looking forward to it and cannot wait to learn from the Jive customer speakers.


Summer rates ($895/person vs. the standad rate of $1195) expire on July 31st - take advantage of this huge savings.  As well the group rates right now are $671.25 - even BETTER!


Register now - remember last JiveWorld sold out and had a waiting list of over 50 people.


See ya'all in San Francisco in September!




Registration is open for JiveWorld10 - register now so you don't miss out (last year the event sold out).


Here are a few helpful links:




Early Bird prices end on MAY 31st . . . take advantage of the savings - it's 50% off the full conference rate!



Look forward to seeing everyone in San Francisco in September.

As we are preparing for this year's event, I'm reflecting on the phenomenal roster of speakers from last year -- Charles Schwab, Disney, Intel, Kaiser, NetApp, and Yum! Brands to name a few.


I'm even more excited because so far more than 60 of you have expressed a desire to speak this year...so there will be more networking, more insights and more real world examples of how organizations are making an impact to their businesses with Jive SBS.


This could be YOUR year as well to share your real world story, successes and thought leadership and be heard by your peers as a JiveWorld10 speaker -- and get a free pass to the event.


Submit a topic for consideration today by visiting http://www.jivesoftware.com/jiveworld/speakers.

Check out last year's agenda

Posted by megan Mar 25, 2010

See what we talked about at JiveWorld09 to get a for a flavor of what we're working on for JiveWorld10.






Introducing Tracks on the Jive Community
Configure your Jive Community experience by selecting a track. We'll use this track on the homepage to show you relevant content and help you find resources quickly. You can change your track easily from the homepage or your profile.
As a community manager, you're an ambassador for your Jive community as you build places, curate content and engage with fellow community members. To help you go further with your site, we'll share success stories and other resources.
Whether considering a new purchase or working on an upgrade, technology managers need insight on the best ways to implement a community and learn more about the various upgrades in software releases.
An effective community starts with sound business strategy. As your community matures, you'll want to learn and share best practices for implementation and continued success.
Whether you're a developer, system administrator or a designer, you need insight on building a great user experience for your Jive community. Get the scoop on theming, API's, upgrades and more.
We've got a special area for partners to get essential information and best practices they need for describing and selling Jive to potential customers.
Whether or not you have a specific role in your Jive community, this track highlights areas of interest to Jive users such as training materials, community best practices and an opportunity to network with other customers.
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