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As I entered the mainstage room today, I could feel the energy, which was taken up a level when our CEO Tony Zingale kicked off JiveWorld11 by thanking you – our customers!





In the past year, we have seen tremendous growth, and as our CMO John Rizzo announced, we even doubled the JiveWorld attendance from last year’s event. 

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This growth shows that it’s no longer the new way to do business – it’s the ONLY way.


Here are some key points from our fearless Social Business leader:

  • The future of business isn't going to be found in your CRM system. Or your ERP system. Or in email. The future of your business is in your people.
  • Jive is not just another technology. It's an extension of your company. Of your brand. Of your people. So Jive has one job. That's to help you harness the power of your people. Your Social Capital.
  • Leaders must do three things to move to the next level: Empower, Liberate, Embrace.
  • One of the amazing things with social is that interconnections open up possibilities where you can find expertise that you couldn't find, people you didn't know existed, etc. Doing this at the massive scale that is social, is the next game changer.
  • We recognize for you to be successful with the deployment of the new way, it has to be about tangible business benefits. 
  • When we looked across our customer data, we saw proof that Social Capital accrues at a greater rate when it's ubiquitous.
  • Understand that you have only scratched the surface of what is possible when your people become the platform (with the power of social).