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Today, I felt like a stage mom at the annual JiveWorld awards ceremony!


I’m so proud to announce these outstanding Social Business winners:


Engage Employees: Pearson (, is an international media giant with world-leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing and over 36,000 employees in 70 countries. The company was selected for its innovation in providing its employees with access to all key resources, tools and knowledge across Pearson through a single, robust system. Pearson's Neo community has made integration of new employees through acquisitions seamless, and provides employees with the forum to collaborate and take advantages of resources across the enterprise. Six months following launch, Pearson has nearly 75% adoption among employees.


Engage Customers Category: McAfee ( was singled out as an innovator in helping its customers outside of the traditional channels.  Through use of Jive, McAfee has increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, retained and reused invaluable knowledge from experienced customers and fostered stronger engagement between employees and customers.  With 6,000 employees worldwide, McAfee has demonstrated that use of Jive can help organizations provide exceptional customer service.


Engage Partners Category: Avon (, a world-renowned beauty company with more than $10 billion in annual revenue, was selected for its innovation in employing Jive to improve its direct selling model.  Currently more than 200,000 Avon representatives utilize the forum to share best practices, provide feedback and enable a strong sales culture.  The increase in representative retention has demonstrated the success of their strategy.


New Way to Lead Category: Yum!  ( was selected for its exemplary use and results in using Jive, and showing Jive is truly the new way to lead.  Yum!'s fun-spirited, well-executed launch drove outstanding results: 99% adoption among employees.  Moreover, Yum! has reduced time to market for products, email, meetings, travel and duplicated efforts as it increased sharing of knowledge globally.

New Way to Business Category: T-Mobile ( was selected for its thought-leading approach to implementing Jive for both its customers and employees.  Results speak for themselves: as a result of community discussions, T-Mobile resolved 96% of issues within three days; realized a 70% resolution rate by frontline support reps; resolved 35-50 issues per device before launch; and reduced training for sales from 1.5 hours to 15 minutes. T-Mobile also simplified by focusing on their Jive communities and decommissioning over 10 legacy systems.  Now the company is able to sufficiently grow support staff to keep up with global support needs and improved employee engagement as a result of better collaboration and knowledge sharing.