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The Advanced Social Business for Gurus track is new this year! It's by and for seasoned Jive customers who need more than the typical sessions on how to build a business case, plan a community launch, or measure initial success.


Speakers who submit papers for this track will have been Jive customers for at least a year. Speakers will go beyond a typical company case study and will present an advanced community topic covering either community structure, community engagement practices or community advanced metrics for either an employee or customer community. We are still looking for top notch advanced candidates, so feel free to submit a proposal for one of the following sessions:



Be sure to include the session name in the body of your abstract.


To submit your abstract, visit http://jivesoftware.com/jiveworld/speakers.


Advanced Structure: My Jive turned into my Intranet. Now what? (FULL)

Have you installed Jive for your employee community and experienced amazing success? Have you seen or are you about to see the consolidation of other intranet or portal platforms to your Jive community? Learn how two Jive customers made this journey. You'll hear how they handled the challenge of merging and blending traditional taxonomy with user-generated folksonomy. And as a result, still allow employees to readily find each other, important corporate content, employee applications, user generated content and collaborative groups.


Advanced Structure: Weaving community into the corporate website (2 spots)

You know launching a customer community is more than creating a link from your corporate website. Learn from two Jive customers about how they integrated and wove their customer community site into their online digital marketing program and corporate website.


Advanced Engagement: Getting beyond adoption in an employee community (2 spots)

You've seen incredible early user registrations for employee community. Now what? How do you change the way your company gets business done? And how do you keep your employees returning and engaging on real work? Attend this session to learn how two Jive customers:

  • Got beyond initial employee registrations
  • Launched a unique organizational change campaign that really transformed the way they used Jive in their mission-critical business processes
  • Engaged employees to achieve new levels of productivity


Advanced Engagement: Getting beyond registrations in an external community  (2 spots)

You hear communities are not about "marketing" to your customers, but rather about customer engagement. But how do you engage with customers? Come learn how two Jive customers launched a unique campaign that drove rich community conversation and engagement, inspired a passionate advocate group, and kept visitors returning again and again.


Advanced Measurement: Measuring and acting on employee community data (FULL)

You've got a mature community. It's time to go beyond page views and registered user metrics to prove business value and community health. Join this session for a sneak peek at sophisticated measurement methodologies used by Cerner and UBM's internal communities. Don't just report the data, know how to take action on your data. Learn what actionable analytics can do for you.


You'll see what qualitative and quantitative metrics are essential to understand business impact, how community health scorecards help your community managers, and why combining your community data with other business data can pay off. We'll learn from each other in a spirited debate about what to measure. And we'll also crowdsource ideas about where to focus next in advancing the art and science of community measurement.


Advanced Measurement: Proving return on engagement with external communities  (2 spots)

How do you measure the value of your community in the overall marketing mix? Come learn how to create a DIY measurement dashboard or process across several systems that'll help you correlate how your community has helped to increase brand awareness and preference; SEO; wider product adoption; loyalty; Return on Engagement (RoE); or other key marketing metrics.


Advanced Measurement: Mapping Jive community data to business objectives (FULL)

You know what your business objectives are, but you're not sure what Jive analytics data to go after in order to back up all that great qualitative data you've been gathering. In this session, we'll share how to go beyond basic vitality metrics, and map key Jive analytics data to your business objectives. You'll walk away with simple SELECT statements to get what you need.


Again, be sure to include the session name in the body of your abstract.


To submit your abstract, visit http://jivesoftware.com/jiveworld/speakers.



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