The countdown to JiveWorld16 has begun. We're only three months from the best communication and collaboration conference of the year, hosted at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas on March 14-16. We've created a way for you to celebrate your role in JiveWorld by adding the below graphics to your Twitter and Facebook profiles as you wish through Twibbon. It will look something like this:

Jw badges 1.png

You'll have five unique options to choose from based on your role: speaker, sponsor, champ, attendee and Jiver. Aren't they beautiful?


jw badges 2.pngjw badges 3.pngjw badges 4.pngjw badges 5.pngjw badges 6.png


How do you do it?

  1. Click on the appropriate role:
    1. Speaker: JiveWorld 2016 Speaker - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    2. Sponsor: JiveWorld 2016 Sponsor - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    3. Champ: JiveWorld 2016 Champ - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    4. Attendee: JiveWorld 2016 Attendee - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    5. Jiver: JiveWorld 2016 Jiver - Support Campaign | Twibbon
  2. Authorize the app to access your desired social accounts
  3. Click 'Add the Twibbon' button once you see how it will look. It'll look great.
  4. Bonus points (not actually points, you gamers, just good karma) for sharing on social that you're attending JiveWorld16.


We are so excited for JiveWorld16. I mean everyone has waited long enough, right?

If you haven't signed up for the biggest, conference...of 2016, now is the time: Registration | JiveWorld