For those of you who have seen the our previous announcement:

Announcing a Tri-Hackathon at JiveWorld16 Developer Conference w/Limited Edition T-Shirt


You will know that at JiveWorld16, we are having our first ever developer tri-hackathon.  It's a developer hackathon, but with 3 distinct stages ...



Participants will complete dev exercises throughout the conference.  Each completed exercise will earn tickets, and the developer with the most tickets will win this leg.


Learning about the Jive developer platform
has never been this fun!


Our team is putting together an online quiz that will test various aspects of developer and hacker knowledge.  The developer with the highest trivia score(s) will win this leg.  


How well versed are you on technology? 

Now is the chance to find out!

Video Games

Need time to decompress?  We will have a FREE arcade cabinet in the Hacker Lounge for ALL Attendees.  Win this leg by old-school arcade rules ... the highest score wins!


Swing by the Hacker Lounge,
and get your game on!


$100 Gift Card


$100 Gift Card


$100 Gift Card


Note:  All participants in the trivia and video game portions of the tri-hackathon will receive tri-hackathon credit (tickets) for their participation.



In addition to the top prizes (above), we will also be giving away limited-edition JiveWorld16 Tri-Hackathon t-shirts (see, left) for hackathon participants who earn 1000 Tickets or more.


Note:  If you registered for JiveWorld16 before January 1st, 2016, your t-shirt is guaranteed (regardless of tickets) as long as you pre-register by March 1st, 2016.  All shirts that are not reserved as of March 1st will be handed out on a first-come-first serve basis.


We will be releasing more details about the tri-hackathon in the coming weeks/months, and even more on-site in the Hacker Lounge.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn about the Jive developer platform and meet fellow Jive developers!

To learn more about the JiveWorld16 Developer Conference, please see the following links:


For any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Rashed Talukder.  We hope to see and your developers at JiveWorld16 and the Hacker Lounge!