When I talk to customers about why they are implementing Jive in their organizations, they often tell me 'to help the company become more collaborative, open, transparent', etc.  But when I look at HOW they are accomplishing this, besides implementing Jive, there isn't as much more there.  We've seen that training is important, but if you are just training people on how to use Jive and not in the context of their work, people still may miss the value they can get from using Jive.  Because, if it is to work effectively, people need to know how to create MEANINGFUL NETWORKS made up of REAL RELATIONSHIPS.  And the content traveling through those networks needs to be PURPOSEFUL.  It is a chicken/egg situation.  Until you have these things, it can sometimes be hard to see the value.


That's why I'm so excited John Stepper and Catherine Shinners will be speaking at Jiveworld 16 on Working Out Loud, and how it has been used to drive adoption, make organizations more collaborative, while teaching people how to use Jive in a way that taps into THEIR intrinsic motivation.


If you are looking for ways to help your company experience learning, collaboration, transparency - then this session is for you!  What's great about it is you will leave with something you can implement - and get all the materials that you'll need.  Even if you think you know everything about Working Out Loud, I encourage you to come to this session.  Learn about how this movement is taking off and delivering real, tangible benefits and how you can do this in YOUR organization.


And ... the first 100 participants will receive a copy of John's book - Working Out Loud. We'll also tell you how you can get all the materials that have been "jive-ified" so you can run your own program in your community.