What’s the future of work?  How will people collaborate in the future?  What will the teams of tomorrow look like?



We’re going to find out!



I’m a futurist.  I work with organizations to look out five, ten and even twenty years into the future and imagine what it will feel like to be a human and live in that future.  To do this I use a mix of social science, technical research, economics, cultural history, trendscapes, expert interviews and even a little science fiction.  If you want to nerd out about my futurecasting process there’s more here.



Over my last twenty years as a futurist I’ve seen that people build the future.  The future does’t just happen. The future is built everyday by the actions of people and teams.  And to build that future you must first have a vision for it. Nothing great as ever build by humans that wasn’t first imagined.  So to build the future first you have to imagine it.



That’s why I was so excited when Elisa and the Jive team reached out to me to explore the future of work.  Over the next two weeks we’re going to be exploring the future of work, teams and collaboration.  We’re going to talk about it in Las Vegas at JiveWorld16 and in more blogs, videos and articles.



A major part of this research is input from the Jive Community. 

I need to hear your visions for the future of work: 

What kind of future do you want? 

What kind of future do you want to avoid?

How will we collaborate in the future? 

How do you want to collaborate?



The goal of the next two weeks is to model a future that we all want to live in.


The first step is to have a vision and then to share it.



So let the futurecasting begin!



What’s your vision for the future of work?