I've never been to JiveWorld. (Blog first published in 2014)


On top of that, I've never really attended many conferences either. Or traveled much. So it's safe to say that I have no idea what to pack for JiveWorld.


Belinda and I got together one weekend to go through my stuff.


Of course, I argued that the tambourine and the puppy were both very helpful things to have while traveling, but Belinda insists that they are NOT.



Here's Belinda Joseph list of the top ten things to pack for JiveWorld:


  1. Comfortable shoes: Those six-inch heels might look like fun but after about 3 1/2 minutes of walking you will find out they are not. Comfortable, that is.
  2. Comfortable clothes: All that sitting, walking and milling about is exhausting. Wear something comfy!
  3. Party wear! Dancing shoes and a nice party outfit will fit the bill for Thursday night. Think casual club wear since we'll be at Drai's Beach Club.
  4. Medication stash: Plan ahead for over indulgences... Pain relievers, acid/gas reducers, allergy and sinus medications, in addition to vitamins are all definitely on my list of things to bring.
  5. Emergency snacks: Sure, there will be food everywhere. But maybe you get stuck somewhere and miss lunch or get the late night munchies! Be prepared, people. My favorite snacks are protein bars.
  6. Sleep aids: White noise, ear plus, eye mask, melatonin... bring whatever will help you get to sleep. Days are going to be busy, busy, busy, so you'll need your rest!
  7. Your devices and chargers. Duh. As if you'd forget your phone, iPad, laptop or whatever other computer accessories you use. But maybe you'd forget to bring multiple chargers. And the power supply for your laptop. Bring 'em.
  8. Gum or breath mints: You're going to be meeting a lot of new people, so make it a pleasant experience.
  9. Sunglasses. You'll be inside most of the day but this is still the desert, folks. If you steps outside the conference doors at all, you are going to wish you brought your shades.
  10. Load the JiveWorld app: The app will drive your schedule and enrich your experience. Download it before you arrive and have the schedule in the palm of your hand!


What are you bringing to JiveWorld?

I might just have to bring the Stormtrooper helmet in case the closing night party gets out of hand.


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