I hope all of you caught my blog a couple of weeks ago (It's Time to Win Big with the JiveWorld16 Game Series). JiveWorld is now just a few days away and I want to make sure everyone is getting pumped for one of these!!




Now I know that some of you might be worried that the hoverboard is not for you and are scared that you might end up like this poor individual...


giphy (40).gif


So we have a solution; for those of you who are not interested in one of these devices there is an option to opt out and receive an Amazon gift card for the value of the hoverboard instead (pretty sweet, right?)


But for those of you who are both ambitious and adventurous here's a little something we put together to get you even more amped about winning the game.



And as I promised, here's a preview of a few more badges, but still more to come!




Keep your eyes peeled and social media channels ready for more updates.