Ryan Rutan welcomed attendees with an introduction and invitation to the 2016 Tri-Hackathon, Wednesday at 2:15-3:15pm.  The Tri-Hackathon looks like a fun twist on exploring the world of development.  Attendees will compete in coding for use cases, answering trivia about developer culture, and seeking the high score on Gun.Smoke!  Arcade style tickets will be redeemable for awesome stuff!  Find more information at Win Great Prizes at the JiveWorld16 Tri-Hackathon!


Most of us are aware that Jive is a platform with building blocks (tiles, rest api, apps, analytics, external storage, mobile, cartridges, activity streams).  This platform structure allows and encourages the development of add-ons.  Ryan and Yuval Twig recapped 2016 Jive devloped add-ons: Jive gmail, Google docs integration for Jive-n, Connector for Zendesk, Connector for ServiceNow, and integrations with Zapier, Sysomos, and more.  Jive will continue to develop add-ons, but they would like to encourage and support other interested developers as well.

In 2015, partners and customers developed and released the following integrations:

  • Partner Solutions
    • TemboSocial Polls
    • Recognition (HR focus)
    • SmarterPath (social learning experience)
  • Customer Solutions:
    • ThoughtWorks - built bulk content management
    • More sessions available later today


To ensure that partner and customer developed add-ons are quality, Jive is introducing a new certification process, Jive Certified Solutions.  Jive Certified Solutions will focus on four areas:

     1. Business viability - will the integrated solution be around for a while?

     2. Infrastructure/Security - is the solution quality and in sound standing?

     3. Integration Quality - is the solution doing it right?

     4. Customer Support - will the integration impact the end user experience and how will end users get support?


Ryan and Yuval highlighted many new approaches for supporting developers.  In particular, Yuval introduced the new Jive iPaas infastructure.  iPaaS will have a Free option available for cloud instances.  Non-cloud instances will want to inquire about cost.

  • The iPaas wizard is a great starting point for any Jive project
  • The Jive Simulator allows you to test locally, leveraging the iPaas sandbox, before production


To find more information about how Jive is supporting developers, be sure to follow the Developers | JiveWorld track, and join the newly streamlined Jive Developers group.