Adib Abrahim and Alexander Derno work in entirely different industries, but found themselves in cultural change that lead to a similar result - an internal Community!


Adib shared that prior to 2013 American Airlines was undergoing a brand modernization process that meant major change.  Leadership was ready for change, yet they recognized that employee needs (to be heard and a part of change) were vital to healthy change.  At this point, they chose to develop their internal community.

Why Jive?  Per Adib, Jive enabled:

  • real-time communication
  • transparency
  • engagement


In 2013 they launched their Jive community and continuously adapt it according to community need.  Adib has a fun top 10 list of what he's 'learned throughout the process'

  1. Jive is fun
  2. You've heard it before, but it's true, you need buy-in
  3. Get leadership to hold each other accountable
  4. Tie it into your culture initiative
  5. Demonstrate small changes based on the metrics
  6. Don't be afraid to try something new
  7. You will never be ready for social so just jump in
  8. Not everyone wants to be social and that's ok
  9. Don't try and do it all at once
  10. Your'e never ever ever done


Alexander's story of organic community developed by a grass roots group of employees with no distinct goal, only a passion and ideas to implement change, was inspiring.  The storyline of evolution from social media (wikis, blogs, etc.) in 2006, to the creation of a Jive community in 2012, was fascinating.

I had a schedule conflict and had leave Alexander's section a little early.  Sorry, Alexander.