jw keynote 1.png

JiveWorld 2016 kicked off with a little performance art emphasizing the importance of connection and teamwork.


Aerialists seamlessly added and re-arranged team members in different flying arrangements while suspended above the stage.


It was a good analogy for the complexity of corporate life with the addition and subtraction of priorities, resources and competing demands for time and attention. Do it right and it looks effortless and beautiful. Make a mistake and the whole thing can come crashing down. The aerialists were flawless and made it look easy.

The keynotes themselves covered a lot of ground very quickly Jive kept the presentations short and to the point.


Elisa Steele kicked off with a review of where Jive has been since the last JiveWorld 18 months ago, and where Jive is headed.


Some pretty amazing statistics since the last JiveWorld

  • Five billion page views
  • 225 million monthly activities across the Jive-x communities
  • A 30% increase in monthly users
  • ...and that is just for the hosted and cloud communities; on-premise numbers aren't included


Elisa 2.png


Jive's strategy (near term) is focused on three major themes:

  • Engaging diverse Workstyles now
  • Engaging with customers on their terms
  • Empowering and engaging employees




To quickly and efficiently serve these themes Jive is delivering the WorkHub - Jive pre-configured into four use cases that are most commonly found in most companies. The concept is to make it easier to put Jive to work right away delivering value:


  • Interactive Intranet
  • Healthcare Collaboration
  • Customer Engagement
  • Employee Engagement

Robert Block followed Elisa with a panel discussion featuring Gil Yehuda (Yahoo), Scott K Wilder (Marketo) and Masoud Rabie (Reingold Health). It was a great discussion covering how Yahoo used Jive to give employees and management at a platform to engage in some of the productive (yet tough) conversations that needed to occur as Yahoo engaged in some difficult course corrections. Marketo is using Jive make their relationships with their 60,000 customers broader, deeper and richer and Reingold is working with the VA to literally change how healthcare is delivered across the entire VA system.


Melanie Wong killed the customer keynote. She has the guaranteed-to-win cocktail party answer for the "what do you do?" question... "Me - I'm curing cancer". Melanie works for the MD Anderson Cancer Center and they are using Jive as part of their strategic toolkit to literally rid the world of cancer. They are connecting researchers, hospitals, clinics, doctors and patients across the United States to disseminate best practices, answer questions, spread knowledge and connect the very best people together. Just when you think you are doing pretty well with your knowledge management application at your company via Jive you hear from somebody like Melanie; when her team is on their game they save lives and change the world. Time to step up my Jive game.


Ofer Ben-David mainly played the part of the teaser - Tuesday is about what is coming next and Wednesday will be about the roadmap for the future.


Ofer handed off to Dilshad Simons who walked through how the new Jive WorkHub combined with Jive Daily and some of the new Jive features produced a fast, effective lightweight process for on-boarding new employees, getting them hooked into the information and people they needed to get productive quickly and helping them contribute to company revenue and profitability.


Oh - and she "casually" dropped the fact that Jive is extending the support life for on-premise and hosted Jive instances to four years beginning with Jive 9.


I'm looking forward to the roadmap session tomorrow to see what the future holds!