Every brand faces the same challenge: how do you connect effectively with customers and partners? This morning, Deepti Patibandla of the Product team shared some great recent Jive-x innovations and future directions for improving the customers’ experience.


2016.1 brings:

    • - Social listening
    • - Event look and feel
    • - SEO improvements
    • - Translation services


“It begins with the customer journey… and Jive-x activates that journey.”


From that list, one of the standouts (and something that was just announced here at JiveWorld) was the first bullet point above: the upcoming integration with Sysomos.


Soon, brands will be able to:

  • Route relevant conversations on social media directly in Jive-x community, increasing brand affinity.
  • Listen and respond to over a billion conversations online, in real-time
  • Enhance social interactions and dialogue with community members
  • Improve customer satisfaction along with lowering call center costs


Connect social to community advocates

Darin Wolter Sysomos shared this truth: any interaction with a complete stranger is often more trusted than one we may have a brand’s CEO. That’s why it’s important to empower community influencers to take action on your behalf.



What do brands gain from this integration?

  • Marketing engagement and advocacy: Connect influencers in your community with the marketplace
  • Customer support: Leverage the expertise of advocates for one on one engagement in social channels
  • Sales support: Proactively engage with prospects , customers and partners in real time


All of that, as Darin put it, is “power for the brand.”


Want to learn about other upcoming integrations shared at JiveWorld? Check out the press release.