We've already seen some great summaries of the JiveWorld Mainstage Keynotes. If you haven't already, read them here:

The Power of JiveWorld Main Stage: Day 1!

JiveWorld 2016 - Tuesday Morning Mainstage Keynote - Here We Go!


Rather than summarize highlights from the Wednesday mainstage keynote in my own words, I figured we could look to the social web and Jive community to crowd-source what everyone thought via Twitter. Here it goes:


Wednesday Keynote Twitter-Reel

The Twittersphere starts us off with a keen observation about our esteemed JiveWorld keynote MC, Todd Moran

Then it's quickly on to a fireside chat between with Jean Daries from Orange and David Macmillan from Jive Software:

And the Twittersphere was very impressed with the Plazza community stats that were shared:

Some thoughts on future in general:

The future of computational power:

And how people, imagination, work play into our future:







Then it was on to the adorable and admirable Kim England who shared Pearson's social business evolution on Jive:







Next, Ofer Ben-David Nick Hill took the stage to share the Jive vision around key product roadmap updates, which were well-received by the Twittersphere:






There was a thoughtful moment of silence for a beloved Jive Champion, Kristen Ritter (In loving memory).

The tweets throughout the conference have gone on and on. She is sorely missed by us all.


And to wrap things up, Elisa Steele announced the Jive Awards winners. Congrats to the winners and finalists!


Now who's ready to party?



Honorable Mention: MVT (Most Valueable Tweet)

I realize that this tweet wasn't shared during the Day 2 keynote but it was SO good, I just had to share it again. Thanks to Dina Vekaria-Patel for the great laughs on Twitter this JiveWorld!