Just came from a great session with Matt Laurenceau of BMC, Jill Ross of Hitachi and Deirdre Walsh of Silicon Labs.  Matt shared some great insights and best practices around what BMC has done with their community, especially around how they've embraced using the community to engage customers.  They are obviously doing something right, as they have very enviable engagement, with 80+% of their community showing daily or weekly usage. 



BMC has three major focus areas:


Digital venues & customer journey

     Matt shared a geo popup he uses from Qualtrics which marketers will love. Matt calls it "magic engagement on any      website without coding."  I thought it was very similar to "native advertising" on your own site.  Check it out!

Customer onboarding

     Customer onboarding has been so successful that they are now moving to product onboarding.

Events & user groups

     Engaging before, during AND after physical events produces the best engagement results.


? ? ? THE BIG QUESTION ? ? ?


What I found fascinating was that none of the presenters (or audience members, for that matter) felt that they had solved digital integration yet.  One of the most interesting conversations was around single source user identity profiles.  When asked if anyone had reconciled all of the social profiles from Salesforce to Jive to Marketo to (you name it), there were some chuckles in the room.


This question doesn't have an easy answer, and everyone freely admitted that this is something they are still working on, so I thought I'd open this to the community...

How do you reconcile social profiles?