Typically, the first week back after JiveWorld is always a tough one. Perhaps you're battling the cold virus that everyone got; or maybe you're still recovering from the conference party hangover; or it's likely you're still catching up on the long list of emails and community updates from while you were out.


But for me, I'm still riding the high of witnessing how you, members of the Jive Community, went over and beyond this year in community participation in the JiveWorld16 group, reaching our highest community engagement numbers for JiveWorld ever! You truly turned it up to eleven!

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It all started with Getting creative with JiveWorld16... I would love your thoughts! We asked what you wanted out of JiveWorld16 and you answered. There were 16,000+ views on this discussion thread and more than 158 comments! We took your comments inside Jive to our employee community, Brewspace, sifting and categorizing these ideas until we knew where they belonged in the JiveWorld planning. And then the JiveWorld team did what they did best: EXECUTED on as many of them as possible.


Top 5 Wishes Granted

  • Interactive Sessions - All of Jive 101 Boot Camp was completely interactive as well as most of the Advanced Community Management sessions. People talking to people about their own questions and providing their own answers. Check.
  • Meet Ups - If you build it, they will come. In this case, to the Meet Up Lounge. More than 15 meetups were scheduled through The JiveWorld Meet Up Lounge: Come Join or Reserve Your Own Spot.  Blow-up lounge chairs and a life-size jenga game added some spice to the area. We even pulled together some more 'official' meet ups in conference rooms and provided the gangs with mojitos! Yum.
  • Blind Dates - We wanted to connect people in similar community situations. So, all of the seating at Jive 101 Boot Camp was assigned based upon attendee community type as well as their industry. In addition, many of the meet-up groups were based upon these characteristics.
  • 1:1 with An Expert - We paired each Boot Camp table with an existing Jive customer/expert. We also had experts on hand in the Jive demo booth for additional 1:1 expert help. Fabulous responses from both activities.
  • Equal Time for Jive-x & Jive-n - With each community type having its own track, we gave both community types equal billing. We addressed specifics for both Jive-n and Jive-x communities in Jive 101 Boot Camp as well.


The Best JiveWorld Ever?

We feel that this was THE BEST JiveWorld ever when it came to community participation. But it isn't just a feeling: the community numbers speak for themselves:


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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16


Let's talk about the blogs for one moment... 59 blogs in JiveWorld16! We created Want to be a JiveWorld guest blogger? Sign up here | Jive Community  Want to be a JiveWorld guest blogger? Sign up today! and so many people responded. The Jive community stepped up to the challenge. Even more people blogged than those who had signed up! And the session summary blogs are still rolling in. What a great way to collaborate and continue conversations started in the JiveWorld breakout sessions!


I want to specifically thank each and every blogger:

Lori Harrison-Smith Scott Dennis Adina Schoeneman John Cloyd Stephanie Standring Renee Carney Dennis Pearce Dina Vekaria-Patel Tim Sphar Thomas Lady Michelle Gantt Maren Beckman Deborah de Freita Hannan Saltzman Scott Shive Susan Rubio Todd Nilson Alysse Esmail Daniel Martin Eckhart Biray Seitz Molly Elwood Wendy Wilson Emilie Kopp Alexa Lockwood Brian David Johnson Brett Blackney Leon Benjamin Darcy Pierce  Ryan Rutan Mike Mercado Kosheno Moore Claire Flanagan Sam Creek Becky Leung Nikhil Nulkar Kathryn Everest Adam Mertz Iain Goodridge

Closing Remarks

And of course, a big thanks to the Jive Community at large. Should I have expected anything less from community of community managers? You guys are the best and make my job wonderful!