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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

1 Post authored by: lorilea

Let me start by saying how excited I was that Jive offered up these advanced sessions for 2016. The first day of JiveWorld has traditionally been devoted to Boot Camp, which was great our first year as a customer. But with our community recently celebrating its 4-year anniversary, having more in-depth sessions for mature communities was perfect.


This session was hosted by Claire Flanagan, Claire Fletcher and Tracy Maurer and was a mix of the presenters sharing advice – and then the attendees sharing with each other.


We kicked things off by talking about some of the main reasons adoption can stall or slow down in a community:

  1. You don't staff for key roles – fail to operationalize key governance processes
  2. Community strategy is not tied to company strategy – no use case road map to support the strategy
  3. Install and leave – no commitment to change the program


Kathryn Everest then shared Jive's unique approach to Adoption Assessment. Unique because Jive developed it, sure, but also because it takes a more whimsical view. Instead of evaluating your community in formal stages, Jive suggests something a bit more musical:




The idea is to look at where you are now with your community – and where you want to be. And it becomes less judgmental than a good-bad evaluation. Maybe there's nothing wrong with singing in the shower.


Using that assessment framework, we then went through each of the areas of focus:


  • Governance
  • Use cases
  • Communication and marketing
  • Training
  • Role models: advocates and executives 
  • Incentives (rewards and recognition)


This gave us a chance to think about where we feel our different communities are in the framework and then to offer up ideas to each other about ways to move the dial a little (or a lot). During these exchanges, I learned so many things from the people in my group (Delfin Juan, Claire Richardson, Michiel Schoonhoven and Barbara Mytyk). Claire shared how Thomson Reuters is using a use case "book" to help employees – 76 PowerPoint slides covering a variety of different ways they can engage. Delfin is having success sharing some of his key metrics within Standard Chartered Bank's community and inspiring users to be a bit more competitive with each other.


The ability to learn from other customers is one of the things I LOVE about JiveWorld. And this session had me scribbling down ideas of what we can do when we get back to the office:


  • Refresh our advocate program
  • Get a better handle on governance
  • Try some different training approaches
  • Better document use cases and success stories to share with our community
  • Develop a group to support our space CMs
  • And a bunch more


Of course I'm going to need to rank these in order of importance and determine what's realistic with our budget and resources. Still, getting new ideas is the reason I come here each year. Thanks again, Jive, for listening to your customers and helping us get even more value from JiveWorld!