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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

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Every brand faces the same challenge: how do you connect effectively with customers and partners? This morning, Deepti Patibandla of the Product team shared some great recent Jive-x innovations and future directions for improving the customers’ experience.


2016.1 brings:

    • - Social listening
    • - Event look and feel
    • - SEO improvements
    • - Translation services


“It begins with the customer journey… and Jive-x activates that journey.”


From that list, one of the standouts (and something that was just announced here at JiveWorld) was the first bullet point above: the upcoming integration with Sysomos.


Soon, brands will be able to:

  • Route relevant conversations on social media directly in Jive-x community, increasing brand affinity.
  • Listen and respond to over a billion conversations online, in real-time
  • Enhance social interactions and dialogue with community members
  • Improve customer satisfaction along with lowering call center costs


Connect social to community advocates

Darin Wolter Sysomos shared this truth: any interaction with a complete stranger is often more trusted than one we may have a brand’s CEO. That’s why it’s important to empower community influencers to take action on your behalf.



What do brands gain from this integration?

  • Marketing engagement and advocacy: Connect influencers in your community with the marketplace
  • Customer support: Leverage the expertise of advocates for one on one engagement in social channels
  • Sales support: Proactively engage with prospects , customers and partners in real time


All of that, as Darin put it, is “power for the brand.”


Want to learn about other upcoming integrations shared at JiveWorld? Check out the press release.



This is my first JiveWorld ever, so forgive me if I come off a bit exuberant. It’s not just the coffee—there’s a definite “collaboration buzz” here. Yeah yeah yeah, everyone talks about it, and I thought it was just a thing people say, but it's real. Everyone here has a Jive story to share, so people talk more easily. I could feel that connection thrumming through the audience this morning in the auditorium before main stage.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.02.35 PM.png3.png

The morning event kicked off with upbeats of DJ D Sharp and killer acrobatics from The Living Art of Armando. This team of eight plain-clothed aerialists spun in sync high above the stage, while the audience bumped to a groovy mashup of The Beatles’ Come Together and U2’s One Life. (I loved how they came up from the audience; the first “volunteer” even feigned reluctance.)

The metaphor was inescapable; it was the perfect analogy for the “power of connection.”


Jive’s sharply-dressed Todd Moran MCed the morning, greeting the enthusiastic audience with his own story of transformation, from Jive customer to Jiver. And this journey? It isn’t so unusual—that’s how Elisa Steele found her way to Jive, too. (Key takeaway: You will all assimilate!)




Elisa shared that this is a record-breaking JiveWorld, with 1,600 attendees and some fantastic numbers—including the fact that 30 million people are Jive users.


What does all this mean? More people are connecting through Jive than ever before. And that the future of work? It’s right now. We need to be aware of how people are getting their work done—and not just in terms of technology, but in terms of people, teams, and the human experience.


“Because collaboration isn’t an afterthought... It’s where it all starts.”

– Elisa Steele


And it’s with this people-centered point of view that Elisa introduced the Jive WorkHub. It’s the engine connecting people, things and services... all with You in the center.


Because no matter your role at a company, and no matter who you have to connect with, the common denominator is you and how you work. It’s about borderless collaboration.



After a warm thank you to our sponsors (and giant on-stage, audience-inclusive selfie), we got the chance to hear from Robert Block and Jive customers Gil Yehuda (Yahoo), Scott K Wilder (Marketo) and Masoud Rabie (Reingold).


Though each have very different backgrounds and use cases, they all started with very similar pain points: too many places, too many missed connections, too many missed opportunities. Each found their own solution in Jive—particularly due to its flexibility.


Gil nailed it when he said that a lot of companies have “corporate cholesterol” in their bloodstream—and then he rung the bell again through another analogy, comparing unengaged workers to zombies.



Masoud explained how Jive-n answered the question of how to bring collaboration to the front lines of patient care, while Scott shared that Jive-x connects 60,000 customers to the resources they need; due to its success, Reingold plans to implement Jive-n for their people.



Breaking the fourth wall for a minute here. As a writer for Jive, I’m always trying for the most kick-*** headlines to talk about what we do. The one I love to toss around most? “Jive is Curing Cancer.” (The legal team may kill me for even writing this here.) It’s so huge, it’s so grandiose—it’s ridiculous. Damn it, we’re software, not doctors.


So when Melanie Wong from MD Anderson Cancer Center then delivered her keynote on how “Jive is helping us cure cancer,” I almost elbowed the analyst next to me, hissing, “That’s the line I’ve been looking for!” I didn’t, of course, but I wanted to.


But what Melanie explained is that they now have the potential to connect on a research level that could change the way we look at cancer forever. Doctors can pose patient-specific questions directly to researchers; these can then be shared with the larger community. In short, a question only needs to be asked once—and everyone benefits from it.



What’s a keynote without product announcements? Ofer Ben-David, Dilshad Simons, Darshita Maniar and John Schneider shared some very practical enhancements (as well as some sexy facelifts on familiar pages).

Simplified content publishing for beautiful blogs, auto-subscribed news page, and personalized email digests will make connecting and staying in the loop even easier. And the mobile intranet enhancements? Stellar. I’ll be able to open Jive Daily and move seamlessly from news to my inbox, to my content, without ever leaving the app.


Analytics took the spotlight, too. With the latest release, you can:

  • Identify silos and how they are interacting by department, location, and more
  • Compare three people, side by side, to see their reach, impact, sentiment, etc.
  • Learn more about yourself—who you talk to most…and who you should talk to more


And the latest release of our customer engagement solution brings some awesome features, like a new event center—including a new performance dashboard—as well as new social listening integration with Sysomos. Finally, we got the scoop on how Jive is connecting clinicians, with secure, HIPAA-compliant team messaging and private support center for peer insights.


Want to learn more? Check out the press release, Jive Unveils Its Vision for the Future of Collaboration. For more product info, read the press release!


So much great content—and it’s only Day 1!


P.S. Oh, right—one more thing. Don’t you want to win that JiveWorld hoverboard?! Learn more!


Good luck!