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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

1 Post authored by: scottwdennis

Ben Zweig and Carrie Gilbert dominate the world of Jive community design...


This session was a good balance of basic design concepts and fairly technical Jive tips.




Take aways:

  • Visual prominence is primarily created through contrast - text orientation, color, visual space - keep it simple w/o too many levels of hierarchy
  • playing with palettes:
  • analagous color palette choices (three together),
  • Color pickers   ColorPick Eyedropper extension for Chrome
  • Content Evolution is really cool.  Turn it on pronto
  • The background of the site can be set to unlimited width with a lighter colored image centered and tiled at the background to give you a nice clean border when your browser width exceeds the image
  • custom email templates can contain images and more advanced layouts
  • Lighter highlight on glob nav is possible for default pages but not custom pages, consider setting active and normal colors to be the same for consistency
  • The widget framework will not be retired until there is feature parity in tiles around ideas, events, etc
  • Moving tiles around within layouts will get easier soon
  • Traditional web design is about information retrieval whereas community design is about facilitating conversation
  • Structure is a collection of places and groups and the relationships between them
  • Global navigation is not a literal translation of the underlying structure - subway system map analogy
  • graphical tiles, curated vs dynamic tiles and calls to action help engage users
  • smart tiles can refer to profile data (Hello Your Name, location), place permissions (gold level) or authenticated or not (login or welcome back)