• Have you seen the JiveWorld Video Finalists?

    We've got the finalists for the JiveWorld videos over in the Jive Customer Hub space!   Please join us over in Jive Customers to check these videos out in their entirety and let us know what you think!   ...
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    created by Libby Taylor
  • First time in jive World!

    Hi everyone! It's my first time attending the conference and it looks like it'll be great. I just had a quick question about the different tracks. It looks like there are sessions across several different tracks t...
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  • Download agenda in Excel?

    is there a copy of the agenda in excel we can download? Have to plan our strategy!
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  • Anyone a Jive admin (server side and/or front-end)?

    let's meet up if you are.
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  • yoga mats?

    Anyone else interested in early morning yoga?  Also, are mats provided?   (Hopefully I'll see my lululemon colleagues from the Las Vegas stores leading the classes!)
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  • Will we have WiFi in the conference area?

    At prior JWs at Cosmo we have had WiFi in throughout the conference area.  Is it safe to assume that will be the case at the new Aria venue?  I was going on an assumption that we would, but today thought I b...
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  • ON-Brand: Powering an ambition to 'keep getting better'

        A little over 15 years ago I stood at the gateway of a journey which may well have now culminated in a proposition that will define our contribution to a better world.   Having left behind a success...
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  • JW16 Mobile App question

    I updated my profile background and a colleague updated his avatar in the Community but the changes didn't synch to the app. Any suggestions? If we delete and open again from the App Store will we lose our schedules?
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  • ON-Brand at JiveWorld16

    Welcome to ON-Brand. We are a partner to organizations, supporting them to develop and deliver solutions that fuse organizational culture and business strategy together. By engaging and empowering their people, ON-Bra...
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  • Looks like we'll be high-tech at JiveWorld this year

    This should be interesting:   Las Vegas Aria hotel brings guest-friendly tablets to 4,000 rooms - LA Times
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  • Is there any info anywhere about the Final Night Party?

    What type of attire is acceptable?  Where is this hosted, at the Aria hotel?  Is there food?  Just trying to know what to expect and plan for!  Thanks!
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  • Does anyone have best practices for when your organization is a community within a larger community?

    It would be great to meet-up and share experiences.
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  • Will you be updating the Twitter handle?

    I just searched for @JiveWorld and JW14 shows up.
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  • When will session registration occur?

    Did I miss an announcement about building my JW schedule? Anyone know when or how to build out a schedule?   Thanks Jamie
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  • Jive World 2016 and booking a hotel room...

    I am preparing to register for Jive World 1016. I was told that during the registration process you can select to book a hotel room. and that I should check to see if rooms are available. Do you know if rooms are stil...
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  • Throwback to JiveWorld 2014

    As if to remind everyone it's time for another JiveWorld, OK Go just released another one of their crazy videos.  (Also interesting that it came out the same day the discovery of gravitational waves was announced...
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  • How vital is Bootcamp to the JW experience?

    Question for this gang...   I'm very new to community management, but the community I oversee is well-established. My employer is sending me to JiveWorld, which will be my first time. I'm very much looking forwa...
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  • Check out OBP CEOs Breakout Session at JiveWorld16!

    Paul is what happens when you mix together a former bank chief economist, director of strategy, dynamic speaker, cultural transformation expert and the author of an international best-selling book. Described as a CEO-...
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    created by leannekennedy
  • Award submission confirmation

    Hi Becky Leung   I emailed you with our award submission today, could you let me know if / when you receive it?   Thanks!   Dan
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  • When do we start award submissions?

    I'm feelin lucky
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