Are you a newcomer to Jive or a brand new Jive customer? JiveWorld17's Jive 101 Boot Camp pre-conference day is designed just for pre-launch communities, communities less than six months old, or communities in need of a relaunch. This session will help community managers, program strategists, and technology leads get up to speed on the key activities for success.


Jive 101 boot camp features

  • Learn about the important phases when launching a community
  • Collaborate in round-table conversations with Jive experts as well as other newcomers
  • Learn real skills to focus your efforts for a successful launch/re-launch
  • Get tips on how to survive JiveWorld and a chance to meet JiveWorld alumni with a community profile like yours


Jive 101 is intended to be a deeper, more interactive, detailed learning experience that syncs to what is presented online in the Adoption Resource Center. Our audience is either people who are inexperienced community managers new to the Jive concepts of community launches or experienced community managers who have never been through a community launch and are thinking of relaunching their community. Sessions will be interactive and our focus is on teaching attendees real skills so that they can walk away with the ability to take action.


The launch process is extensive and can be quite complicated. Tackling it on your own is difficult at best. Jive 101 will give you the knowledge and skills to bring your community through a success launch/relaunch. Each of the sessions below is connected to the others to create an integrated learning experience, so please plan on staying for the whole day.


Jive 101 boot camp agenda

Morning SessionsAfternoon Sessions

1. Launching a successful community

  • Understanding the big picture
  • Defining your use cases
  • Developing a road map

5. Community launch/relaunch

  • Launch phases and activities
  • Adoption planning and managing change
  • Identifying role models and advocates
  • Defining incentives and gamification

2. The planning phase

  • Defining your mission and goals
  • Developing your community identity and name
  • Focusing on your top 3 use cases

6. The manage phase

  • Developing a governance structure and roles
  • Managing policies and processes
  • Support for community teams and users

3. Design concepts and factors

  • Theming today: design as communication, design hierarchy
  • Home page design: headers, navigation, use cases, footer
  • Place designs: best practices
  • Design check-lists

7. The growth phase

  • Developing long-term strategy and vision
  • Growing adoption in current and new use cases
  • Upgrades and evolution

4. Build-out theme and design

  • Structuring your community/places
  • Defining your site architecture
  • Developing home page navigation and calls-to-action

8. Measuring your launch

  • Capturing the story: meaningful measurement
  • Showcasing business impact
  • Key ways to measure: dashboards


The agenda above is so rich and full of learning, Selin Korustan Michelle Gantt and I are so excited to bring this day to you!


Sign up for Jive 101 boot camp

Jive 101 is available as a pre-conference day on Monday, May 1 option to the JiveWorld17 conference (you can't only attend Jive 101). There's an additional cost to attend Jive101 ($300).


You can sign up for Jive 101 on the JiveWorld17 registration page: Registration | Jive Software