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My name is Marc Harrell, I'm a former customer coming to Jive from our implementation at Office of the Director of National Intelligence and currently run our Federal program at Jive. I'll be leading the Federal Summit at JiveWorld17 along with Gili Guri-Mill. This will be a special pre-conference track held on Monday, May 1st and consisting of five federally-focused sessions.


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Track owners: Marc Harrell, Gili Guri-Mill & Maureen Byrne

Target audience: Government and highly regulated areas such as insurance, banking, healthcare and more

Session type: Presentations / panels

Number of sessions: 5 (Day 0)

Internal or external: Both

Company size: All




Last year, we hosted a happy hour at JiveWorld for Federal customers where we had an open, informal discussion. However, we realized it wasn't enough and this year we are excited to present our first Federal Summit! We want to make sure you get all the information you need regarding the Jive FedRAMP solution, currently in development and displaying "In Process" on the fedramp.gov website. You will also hear from our current customers as we discuss use cases, best practices and success stories. We will show you how you can leverage Jive for deeper collaboration, higher engagement and better communication even in a more regulated market.


Jive for FedRAMP is a certified product hosted in the AWS FedRAMP certified GovCloud environment. We want to ensure we address any and all questions you may have about our new secure and FedRAMP certified offering. We are confident in our FedRAMP certified product and we want to show you why.


Who should attend? While this track is called the "Federal Summit," we also invite other industries that expect the same amount of security as federal. Whether you are a customer, federal contractor or a prospect, you will find these sessions helpful.


Several key themes of the overall track will be:

  • Information about Jive's 2017 FedRAMP Certification process
  • Learning about Jive's advanced security compliance solutions for regulated industries
  • Sharing initiatives and strategies for internal and external communities in the government
  • Hearing industry best practices as it relates to Jive w/in the U.S. Federal Government and government contracting space


We hosted a FedRAMP webcast on February 27th, which provides a great introduction to the sessions we will be hosting at JiveWorld17 and we encourage all of our webinar attendees to join us in person! We will give our federal customers, contractors and prospects the peace of mind that their data is secure in an environment that is typically prone to cyber attacks.


As for the style of the Federal Summit, we were intentional in bringing together sessions to complement each other with presentations and panels from federal customers in addition to a session that will be hosted by Jive so that we can share our security solution. We are bringing innovation to the ever changing political system and using Jive to protect corporate memory and increase communication in the government as thousands of political appointees are taking up positions in the Trump administration.


Want more details? Here is an overview of what sessions you can expect at the Federal Summit at JiveWorld17:

  • Leveraging People Search to drive engagement for your internal community - featuring the Federal Government Contractor, Leidos
  • Diving into Jive's FedRamp Solution - featuring Jive's Chief Security Officer and Director of Sales for Federal
  • Learning how the Army relaunched and drove adoption in their community to connect over 10,000 legal professions from the Army and across the Department of Defense - featuring the US Army
  • Finding out how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs actively supports the transfer of leadership and government functions using Jive as thousands of new cabinet officials are elected - featuring the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Asking questions and hear about changes in the industry at a panel for both internal and external communities - featuring NASA, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and the U.S. Army


The bottom line? The Federal Summit is going to arm you with ideas, concrete examples and specific guidelines on how to bring innovation into a highly regulated field while being hosted in a secure FedRAMP environment. You will walk away with confidence in Jive's FedRAMP solution in addition to answers for all your questions about how Jive is hardened for government, banking, insurance, healthcare and other highly regulated fields.


Hope to see you there!


Marc, Gili & Maureen


Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.


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