In addition to the main conference and track sessions, on Monday, May 1 we're excited to host a range of deep-dive workshops and training sessions on topics including community program strategy, user experience and configuration tips and tricks, advanced measurement and integrations/add ons.


Claire Fletcher, Selin Korustan, Claire Flanagan, Jez Martin, Shaun Slattery and Jennifer Kelley will be leading many of the half-day pre-conference workshops.  Find details and register at Special Half-Day Workshops | JiveWorld17  or see the expanded list of programs including the "Jive 101 Bootcamp" details at Pre-Conference Workshops & Forums | JiveWorld17.


I know many customers have asked us to cover dashboards and DES!  Join us a day early to take advantage of valuable pre-conference workshops. To add a morning or afternoon workshop to your registration just email to let them know which items you would like to add to your existing registration. For the full list of all pre-conference workshops go to Special Half-Day Workshops | JiveWorld17  or check out the descriptions below!


Morning Sessions: 9:00am - 12:30pm


Integrations the Jive way

Add-ons make it easy to create simple integrations with your existing systems of record. Learn about the Jive-SDK (Node.js) integration options and when to use them.

Try your hand at creating a simple stream integration, apps, and tiles. Having attended this session, you’ll be ready to complete coding challenges in the Hackathon!


Measurement Master Class

This measurement master class will help seasoned community program leaders develop skills they need to build effective dashboards by thinking first about measuring the right things, not all the things.


We’ll cover things like: what makes a good or bad dashboard, why a good dashboard starts with a solid set of program objectives, why it’s important to consider the “shared purpose” of the community when building those objectives, how to state objectives in business outcomes the C-suite cares about, and why story telling and member feedback is a critical ingredient in defending your dashboard and value statements.


Hands on working sessions will help you exercise new skills in building objectives that tie to company strategy but is influenced by your understanding of key use cases, member needs, and the outcomes that would prove success. We’ll also leave time to help you build a sample success story and get feedback from your peers.


Community Growing Pains: Managing Your Community Through the ‘Difficult Teenage Years’

This masterclass is aimed at owners of mature communities that are at least one year past launch and are in need of a refresh. Whether you’re a veteran community manager or you’ve recently inherited an existing community and aren’t sure where to start, this masterclass will help you identify what to tackle first and how to go about it.


You’ll hear from Jive and veteran customer experts about 1. How to ensure your community is continuing to support your organization’s key goals 2. How to grow with the right use cases and design decisions and destinations that support them 3. Tools and tactics that make engaging in your community a habit for your members.


Afternoon Sessions 1:30pm - 5:00pm


Interested in using cloud analytics data to answer business questions? This session will demystify the Data Export Service API. We’ll discuss what an API is, how to access your data, and how to construct a custom API query through hands-on examples. You’ll leave with some experience editing and running a short script to query the API.
If you want to learn more about how to convert your widget-based overview pages to tiles pages, this workshop is for you. Join us in this hands-on session where Jive experts will explain why and how to use tiles and pages, outline design principles for your pages, and lead you in hands-on exercises to create and edit different types of pages, using real-life examples submitted by workshop attendees.
You’ll leave having learned how to use current and upcoming tiles to update your community, and get a chance to hear from our Product Team about future innovations for tiles and pages.
Growth in your community can create new challenges and new opportunities. An ongoing investment in your community strategy and applied design will help foster and sustain growth as your community matures. Learn the methods and best practices for optimizing your community!
Looking for the beginner's pre-conference session? Check out Learn How to Launch/Relaunch Your Community at Jive 101 Boot Camp | JiveWorld17