We are 30 days from the JiveWorld17, and there is no better time than now to talk about our exciting new addition to the Hacker Lounge and the Partner Expo Hall ... the Jive Derby!


What is the Jive Derby



The basics are fairly simple.  We start with a standard Pinewood Derby track.  Then, participants build LEGO cars (retrofitted with Pinewood Derby Wheels) and personalize it with their own style and LEGO mini-figurine.  Cars are loaded into the starting gate and released down the track.  Race as many times as you'd like.  The fastest non-disqualifying time wins the Jive Derby!  After the race, stop by the "Selfie Photo Finish" backdrop and take a picture with your car with the JiveWorld17 mobile app (coming soon) to document your creativity.  LEGO cars will then be dismantled and parts returned for other participants to build their cars and race.


For those interested in technology, the Jive Derby can be a bit more interesting.  The track is ladened with IoT, camera and IR beam break sensors that integrate derby stats (such as JiveWorks profile, time, speed, environment), imagery and leaderboard details into Jive to bring racers and other derby participants together to collaborate around their race results.  In addition, the Jive Derby offers the ability for developers to tap into the results feed to build custom activity based integrations from the Hacker Lounge.


If we take a look through a deeper lens, you might see that the Jive Derby is much more.   The Jive Derby was built (in part) to be a physical metaphor for the way humans interact with traditional systems in the enterprise.  It doesn't have a large digital collaborative footprint, similar perhaps to some CRM, ERP, CMS, DAM and PIM systems, but it represents the intersection of people coming together at a point in time (if ever so brief) to complete a task.  In many cases, these interactions are discarded (or shielded) from other systems because of virtual silos.  But when you use Jive and the right technologies, you can break the silo mentality, weave interactions into your community memory for future discovery and convert these interactions into relevant relationships that help people work better together!


All in all, we are very excited to see the creativity that is unleashed at the Jive Derby at JiveWorld17.  We hope to see everyone there and get their race on! 

Special thanks to our JiveWorld17 Hacker Lounge sponsor, Silicon Labs, for their assistance in bringing the Jive Derby to life!



How to Win at the Jive Derby

** Here's how to win the Fastest Car Competition:

  • Attend JiveWorld17 and stop by the Jive Derby Track
  • Build a LEGO car, per Car Specification (below)
    • Note: You can bring your own LEGOs and decorations for a competitive advantage.  See Car Specification (below)
  • Race the car under your JiveWorks profile
  • Fastest time on the leaderboard after the last race, ~1:00pm on Wednesday, May 3rd, will win the NES Classic.

Note:  Due to limited availability, we will be giving away
the NES Classic (re-boxed) setup from the Hacker
Lounge, which will include:  1 NES Classic,
1 extra controller and 2 6 ft. extension cables.

** Additional rules and restrictions may be apply.



How to Build Your Jive Derby Car


Materials Provided


1x Jive Derby Race Car BaseAssortment of Standard LEGO piecesAssortment of LEGO mini-figurines

6 x 16 - LEGO Base w/ Derby Wheels

Wheels have been "Kragle"d in place

Bulk Lego Orders

(picture may not match actual pieces)

Legs, torsos, faces and accessories.

(picture may not match actual pieces)

Racers are allowed (and encouraged) to bring their own LEGO specialty pieces to fully personalize their derby race car.

Example Cars Built by Jivers

Here are a few examples of cars that you should be able to make with the LEGOs provided.


Special thanks to Jivers Windy Macdowell, Jason Khoury, Cade Swanson, Giuseppe Pungitore, Jon Connelly, Libby Taylor, Kosheno Moore, Shai Sagi, Olivia Vollan, Nick Clark, Gady Dayan and Lev Waisberg and others for their contributions to this montage! =)

Car Specifications


The following are the requirements for your car to have a qualifying time in the Jive Derby.





10 in.

25.4 cm

~32 studs

  • No part of the race car may extend past the start gate peg (at rest)
  • Distance from start peg to end of track is approximately 9 inches, 22.8 cm, 28 studs.

Front of Car


Front Wheel

3.5 in.

8.89 cm

~11 studs

  • This restriction is to insure that the car will be able to work in the start gate without hanging the back wheel off the back of the track.



2 3/16 in.

7.14 cm

~9 studs

  • Your car must not extend beyond the outer edge of your car's wheels.
  • Note:  These dimensions refer to the base plate.  As noted in the diagram (right), the maximum width for your car at any point is 3.4"



4.5 in.

11.43 cm
~12 studs

  • Height for your car is measured from the bottom of the tire to the top most point.









  • While there is no official "Max Weight per Car" for cars racing for time, there is a restriction on the type of materials that can be used.
  • All cars must consist of standard plastic LEGO pieces and/or Approved non-LEGO accessories
    (see below)








At-Least 1

  • To be eligible to race, there must be at-least 1 LEGO mini-figurine placed on the race car.
  • LEGO mini-figurine must be visible when looking at the race car.
  • LEGO mini-figurine must not extend beyond the maximum height, width or length of the car.



The following will be the requirements for your car to race in the Jive Derby.

  • General stickers, paint, glues are eligible if you bring your own LEGOs
  • If you are using LEGOs provided at the event, all decorations much be able to be easily removed (i.e. no nail polish remover or other chemicals) to return LEGOs to their original state.


Approved Non-Lego Accessories / Decorations

The following are a list of approved non-lego accessories which you may bring/use on your car.  This list will be updated based on community feedback/interest.  We recommend people following this blog post to stay informed on recently approved accessories.


AccessoryMax Qty / CarNotes / Details
Coin Cell Batteries (CRxxxx)2Connecting wires to approved accessories are fine.  No 9v Batteries will be permitted.


How to Request Approval for non-LEGO Accessories / Decorations

  1. Post a comment on this document with the following details:
    • What is the accessory?
    • Picture (required)
    • What is it's length, width, height and weight?
    • How many of the accessory do you plan to put on your car?
  2. We will review and add to the above table if approved.
    • If not approved, we respectfully request that you not include the accessory(s) on your race car.
    • If a derby car is found to have included unapproved accessories, it (and/or the results) will be removed from the competition.


Rules & Regulations

Please see attached PDF for Rules & Regulations