Are you looking for a way to connect with people in your field or on a related topic for a casual chat? We want to make sure you have time to meet outside of sessions and conferences to chat with your peers in a casual setting, so we have set aside a time and place for meet-ups specifically for you! Meet-ups are a great way to meet other people, have a casual conversation, share ideas and ask questions.


Here is a list of the scheduled meet-ups so far. Don't see a topic you would like to attend? Host one! Read Interested in planning a meet up at JiveWorld17?  to sign up. It's easy – you just encourage people to join and show up, no prep necessary!


Please note: Rooms are completely booked for Tuesday and Wednesday, but lounges are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Don't worry, you can still enjoy cocktails from the bar cart! The location of the meet-ups will be posted in the JW17 Mobile App along with the rest of the conference schedule.




Tuesday, May 2 Schedule

5:15pm - 6:00pm


Title: Product Meet-Up

Owner: Katherine Evans

Description: Join Jive’s Product Managers and subject matter experts to discuss exciting up-and-coming features, functionality, and releases!


Title: AWS/Migration to Cloud Meet-Up

Owner: Mike Klug & Solmaz Vandaie

Description: Meet with your peers and discuss Cloud upgrade and AWS migration topics with Jive experts!


Title: Retail Meet-Up

Owner: Heather Kattner & Todd Moran

Description: Meet with your peers in the retail industry and share ideas!


Title: User Group Meet-Up

Owner: Pele Ahloo & Becky Leung

Description: Perfect for anyone looking to get involved with user groups or current members who are interested in leading a user group!


Title: Auto and Manufacturing Meet-Up

Owner: Ian Botbyl & Bruce Guenther

Description: Join your auto and manufacturing peers to talk about the future of connectivity!



Wednesday, May 3 Schedule

5:15pm - 6:00pm


Title: Ask a Consultant LIVE

Owner: Claire Fletcher & Jennifer Kelley

Description: Come and join us for questions and chat about all your "build, launch and manage" adoption questions, and meet some Ask a Consultant "frequent fliers" in person!


Title: Learning and Development Meet-Up

Owner: Shaun Slattery & Heather Kattner

Description: This meet-up is perfect for anyone looking to bolster social learning and development within their community and chat with the experts! Join the conversation in the Learning and Development group!


Title: External Communities Meet-Up

Owner: Madison Murphy

Description: Meet with your fellow external community peers in person where you can share ideas, questions and stories about your communities regardless of where you are on your journey!


Title: Jive Advocates and Champions Meet-Up

Owner: Becky Leung

Description: We are inviting all advocates and Champions, as well as any customers who are interested in learning about our advocacy and Champions program and the exciting updates we’re making in 2017!



We look forward to seeing you all at JiveWorld17!