In a nutshell, JiveWorld has over 60 hours of sessions interspersed with with games, meet-ups, parties and food. All of this occurs places like outside by the pool or inside air-conditioned auditoriums over the span of 2-4 days in Vegas.  So what are you supposed to bring? Do you pack a swimsuit? A sweater? shorts? Business attire? A cocktail dress? All the above?


Last year Libby Taylor pulled together a wonderful blog about the Dos and Don't for Attending JiveWorld and the previous year she helped us out with Top 10 Things to Bring to JiveWorld (with a Fun Video!). This year, we asked the JiveWorks community for their input in Help! What packing tips do you have for JiveWorld? and as seasoned JiveWorld goers, they didn't disappoint! Here is the complete list of recommendations from people who know exactly what they are talking about so that all you need to worry about is having the best conference ever.


















Personal items:

  • Portable phone chargers (these will be available at the Jive Store with a cool Jive logo if you forget yours!)
  • Band-aids or moleskin (fabulous shoes don't always feel fabulous!)
  • Chapstick
  • Gum / mints
  • Camera
  • Electrical converters and adapters if you're coming from overseas
  • Personal snacks - just in case you get the late night munchies or need some comfort food!
  • Headphones for the airplane



Keeping yourself operating at 100%:

  • Pain reliever of choice (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.)
  • Alkaseltzer
  • Eyedrops! If you want to participate in all the activities from 6am - late night parties you won't be getting much sleep!
  • Tums - because in the words of Libby Taylor - "the amounts of drinking and the food are not normal."
  • Hand sanitizer / wet wipes
  • Prescription medicines if you have them
  • Sleep aids (ear plugs, eye masks, melatonin, etc.)




  • Comfortable shoes - this has been emphasized by several veteran JiveWorld attendees
  • Layers - it's cold inside and hot outside, with a range of up to 20 degrees!
  • A party outfit for the final night party!
  • Flip flops! It's also great to switch out of when your feet are tired
  • Workout clothes - if you'd like to visit the gym hotel or participate in Yoga or the Running group











During the conference:

  • Notebook for those who take notes on paper
  • Business cards - this is a great networking opportunity!
  • Water bottle strap to keep your hands free and prevent leaving water bottles behind


Outdoor items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat - the sun is intense!
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts


Tips from the pros:

  • Wear comfortable clothing - you may not have time to change between daytime and evening activities! (Except for the final night party.)
  • Keep in mind that the walk from the rooms to the conference rooms is longer than you think so wear comfy shoes!
  • Pack for low temperatures as you will spend most of your time indoors
  • Bring an extra bag - you will collect random things throughout the conference
  • Some slot machines have USBs on them so you can charge your phone
  • Bring a portable charger - outlets are tough to come by (and usually have a huge crowd around them)
  • Bring pain reliever - the low humidity will give you a headache, even if you don't add alcohol
  • Bring a notebook for people who like good old fashion note-taking!
  • Checking out of the hotel in the morning but staying most of the day? The hotel will hold your luggage for you!



That's it! I'm ready to go to Vegas, are you?





Have more tips or packing suggestions? Let me know!



Thank you to all these awesome people who helped me put together this list: Kirsten Laaspere, Dori Gray, Jim Storer, Julie Cardinali Brancik, Nick Wallander, Tamera Rousseau-Vesta, Dina Vekaria-Patel, Christy Schoon and Libby Taylor!