The panel introduces themselves.


..or as Ian Botbyl describes it, a HealthCare fireside chat...


Here's who was on the panel:


Megan Peterman, Tom O'Connor, Candace Loya, Todd Stuck



Here are some notes from what Megan said:

  • "Provide your people a reason to login to your community or they won't bother"
  • Spectrum created a question/answer "worksheet" tied to static documents related to EPIC software training
  • It helps to have a community manager/SME who will drive engagement.


Here are some notes from what Tom said:

  • "Healthcare doesn't transform, it basically plods forward"
  • "We did not want parents or family to spend one more wasted minute"
  • A goal is to use the community help patients with their mental health wellness acuity.


Here are some notes from what Candace said:

  • 70% of IEHP's Jive users are millennial.  A challenge was getting those individuals to understand there is a difference between social media and a social collaboration tool.
    • Need to convince them it is more liked LinkedIn, not Facebook.
  • User engagement tip:  IEHP has a Jive classifieds page to reduce emails from co-workers selling things.  There were over 184,000 views in that space last year.
  • Collaboration and Jive using habits are encouraged with team meetings.  Meeting agendas are posted in the community and the meeting minutes are typed into Jive as the meeting is happening.
  • Teams have group pages where they share "WOWs" which are a means of recognition for the hard work done.
    • Positive reinforcement is important to millennial.
    • "You are right, we do like shiny things a lot" - Ian Botbyl
    • The millennial at IEHP are lobbying to get gasification activated.


Here are some notes from what Todd said:

    • They set up groups within spaces with specific spaces.  It allowed for employees to be walled off from clients.
    • Used the ideation module to allow clients to submit feedback/ideas.   1,000s of them have been submitted since it was utilized.
    • 99% of their (Cerner Corporation) associates log into Jive every 30 days.
    • Jive can help deflect meetings as much as possible.   This is especially helpful with employees in timezones all over the world.