Who knew healthcare could be so hard? We did! That’s why, during Monday’s JiveWorld17 pre-conference Healthcare Summit, clinicians, community managers, customers and prospects came together to learn how organizations are leveraging Jive to empower clinicians to make healthcare easier – and better – not only for providers, but for payers and, perhaps especially, for patients.


In her opening session, “No Pain Without Gain,” Providence St. Joseph Health’s Product Manager, Arlene Chiu, discussed how WellSpot, the organization’s Jive-powered internal collaboration portal, is the “connective tissue” that brings leadership strategies and operation layers together. With WellSpot, health professionals can ask questions, get answers and collaborate and coordinate with colleagues throughout the system when it works best for them.


By utilizing Jive on their own schedules and on mobile devices, they can avoid time-consuming meetings and spend their time doing what they do best: helping patients get better. She also showed how small tweaks in the interface can help drive more clicks and those clicks can further drive engagement across the system. “As long as you can help them [clinicians],” she said, “they can help themselves.” By helping healthcare professionals get back their valuable time, Jive is helping patients at Providence St. Joseph get back to health.


Following Arlene were the dynamic duo, Community Manager, Lily Bevis and Assistant Program Manager, Sara Jew from CEP America, one of the nation’s largest providers of acute care management and staffing solutions, serving more than six million patients at 30 health systems in more than 250 practice locations across the U.S. They are so enthusiastic about Jive’s benefits, in fact, coworkers sometimes jokingly refer to them as “those Jive people,” Sara said. In their session, the two backed up their passion with evidence that physicians across the CEP network are using Jive to break down silos and “improve the patient experience, solve problems creatively and keep our intimate culture of caring as we continue to grow our organization.”


In setting up a community, they discussed the importance of asking, “what does success look like for the population you’re starting this for?” They showed how technologies such as single sign-on (SSO) and a governance strategy that makes it easy for people to form new groups and spaces is critical to driving adoption. “It’s important to make sure that when people start asking about collaboration, document-sharing, working together and problem solving, that Jive is that answer,” Lily said.


The pair also called out CEP’s Chief Medical Officer, Gregg Miller, MD (who was in the audience) as an “executive champion” who was instrumental to Jive’s success in the organization. Lily pointed out how Dr. Miller likes to say, “Jive saves lives.” Jive saves lives – it doesn’t get much more meaningful than that.


Stay tuned for more from the floor soon at JiveWorld17!