Day one of JiveWorld17 has officially begun and I can report, without hyperbole, as far as product announcements go, this is, by far, the most ambitious JiveWorld to date. Attendees got the inside scoop on some of the new earth-shattering advances the company will deliver in the coming year, which, according to Jive CEO Elisa Steele, are the result of a “relentless focus to deliver on our Next-Generation Cloud Platform and advance the science of collaboration.”


First up on the mainstage this year was Dacher Keltner, a Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley and author of the book, “The Power Paradox” (among several others).  He was also one of the brilliant scientific advisors on the recent Pixar film, “Inside Out.” Dacher talked about the importance of human connection, especially how it relates to trust, safety, performance and survival. “We are wired to connect and collaborate,” he said.


Following Elisa’s inspirational keynote, in which she said, “Connecting the disconnected isn’t just a tagline for Jive, it’s our mission,” was executive vice president of products and engineering, Ofer Ben-David, who, along with the product team of John Schneider, Nick Hill and Hunter Middleton shared specific technological advancements that will pave the way for universal identity, enterprise-wide search and WorkGraph™ intelligence in the coming year. Ofer finished up the energizing product tag-team by declaring, “The Jive Collaboration Hub is the only solution that provides the full set of capabilities that allow you to collaborate effectively across your organization, across your network, on any application and any content at every scale."


Last but not least, emcee Sean Winter brought Western Digital CIO Steve Phillpott to the mainstage to explain how Jive’s collaboration hub has been instrumental in bringing together three large Fortune 500 companies (Western Digital, HGST and recent acquisition SanDisk). Jive has enabled Western Digital to quickly connect and leverage three different companies and cultures into one cohesive team, increasing connection and adding business value to the entire organization.


While expectations for Jive's collaboration hub were high coming into JiveWorld17, it appears they're being eclipsed by actual execution. Maybe that's no surprise, though, because, to paraphrase Dacher Keltner, we're literally wired to work together.



More to come soon from JiveWorld17…