As if having a giant plinko board to play with wasn't enough, we had the mobile game series running as well for JiveWorld17!


Our top three winning categories are as follows:

  • Best attendee photo of JiveWorld17
  • Top Tweeter of JiveWorld17
  • Overall Leaderboard


And the winners are...


Best attendee photo of JiveWorld17


As determined by the poll; Vote for Your Favorite JiveWorld17 Photo!


Taking 25 votes out of 106 is...


Lisa Allison, Enterprise Community Manager, Analog Devices. "Dying to engage"


Congratulations Lisa Allison, you've won an Amazon Echo! Please email me with your shipping address and phone number and we can get this item out to you! (


Next up, we have the...


Top Tweeter of JiveWorld17!


And the winner is... Jakkii Musgrave from Ripple Effect Group!

In case you haven't been paying attention, Jakkii won the top tweeter spot for JW14 as well!


Congrats Jakkii for winning...   you get a Free Ticket to JiveWorld18 with comp'ed hotel! Just circle back with the team when we get ready next year and we'll be sure to get your tickets sorted.


And finally, for the...


Overall Leaderboard Winner


This guy was everywhere, and by everywhere, we truly mean everywhere. He even figured out how to "game the game" for which we removed a bunch of his points and even THEN the guy was still in the lead. Congrats to Roguen Keller from Hitachi Data Systems for making the most of your JiveWorld experience and getting the highest score on the leaderboard! We know there was a lot of competition for this one, so we want to say that we appreciate everyone who participated and cared so much about the games! And watch out, Roguen, we're going to work hard next time to make a bullet-proof mobile game experience! We love a good challenge.


Roguen wins a Free Ticket to JiveWorld18 along with free hotel and airfare. Reach out to us next year to collect your ticket, Roguen!