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1 Post authored by: AnnaKravets

Yes, I know that such posts should be written on the next day after the conference's  Final Night Party But 3 weeks after the event seem to be a perfect brewing time for all the information, inspiration and experience from JiveWorld17 to turn into practical insights. Here is the list of mine. Let’s make it broader with your pieces of wisdom  in comments!


There’s no limit in engaging your community

Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman from Choir! Choir! Choir! demonstrated how powerful, connecting and successful  it can be to let your audience play crucial role in your business. Jive is a perfect platform for such a practice.

Imagine your customers having a real 1-day-work experience in your call center, or store, or digital marketing department. Just like your top managers occasionally do Or they can spend a workday with your CEO (my wildest dream). This can be a reward for your Jive-x community champions. Sure they will blog about such experience in your community as well and become your most passionate brand ambassadors, or even employees!


Analytics is Queen

We all know that content and people behind it are key to a community which brings value. But ROI still needs to be proven. And here analytics comes into play. Thanks to Jive team, we have lots of valuable data delivered via Community Management Reports and Engagement Analytics. The tricky part is how to match this data to off-line business situation,  interpret it and apply those conclusions for better results. It seems that a dedicated analytic role is absolutely necessary for any medium-sized and large Jive community with ambition to be profitable.


Adoption to new major product features is pretty long

Especially when it comes to widget-to-tile conversion Tiles are more than 3 years old by now, but many long-term customers still use widgets, as moving to tiles is  time-consuming especially for large communities. Best practices and lifehacks on the topic of this switch are still in a great demand.


Location matters

Even with Jive Works in place, you have much more chances to influence Jive’s roadmap and bug-fixing schedule if you are based near Jive’s office or at least in US. Through offline meetings, meetups, etc. That’s why JiveWorld is especially important for people from other parts of the world.


The gap between Jive Cloud and on-prem is widening

With announcement of Jive’s Next-Gen Cloud architecture it became obvious that matching between Jive Cloud and On-prem will become slower and more fragmented than it is now. I assume, moves from on-prem to cloud in the future will also take more time/money. So it’s a good motivation to move to cloud as soon as possible. Of course, if you don’t have imperishable legal or security restrictions in place.


There are different paths to success

Your community can have different governance models, launch strategy and even different place in your corporate IT-ecosystem. Successful communities are diverse in approaches to implementation. What unites them, in my view, is presence of dedicated, hard-working and creative team behind this project. Ideally, backed with executives!