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1 Post authored by: bill.klco Employee

Hey, JiveWorks! I’m Bill Klco, and I’ll be leading the pre-conference Healthcare Summit at JiveWorld17 alongside Ian Botbyl. It’s a full day of sessions just for our healthcare communities, and today I’ll be getting into the details of what you can expect at the Healthcare Summit and why you should join us.

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Track owners: Bill Klco & Ian Botbyl

Target audience: Healthcare professionals

Session type: Presentations / panels / Q&A / mix

Number of sessions: 7

Internal or external: Both

Company size: All

The Jive Healthcare Summit will bring Jive customers from across the healthcare industry together to explore how Jive is being used to improve patient care and coordination across the healthcare system, as well as how Jive-n and Jive-x are being utilized together to bridge the gap in care. You'll also hear inspiring stories of how Jive is being used to solve specific problems during the Healthcare Industry Panel.


Over the course of the day we'll cover topics, including:

  • Providing better communication and collaboration to physicians and their teams
  • Driving patient engagement within wellness communities
  • Bridging the gap in care with internal and external communities
  • Enhancing coordination across a complex healthcare system
  • Improving EHR support



This full-day pre-conference track welcomes any of our customers in the healthcare industry regardless of whether they're a new or mature community. Our new customers will gain valuable insight into how other healthcare organizations are successfully using Jive, while mature communities will learn how they can begin implementing new use cases to drive adoption and reinvigorate engagement with fresh tips and tricks. This one-day Summit kicks off at 9:30am on Monday, May 1, with seven unique sessions that will focus on:

  • Improving communication across the organization
  • Incorporating learning with social collaboration in the workplace
  • Enhancing patient care
  • Utilizing Jive to improve your organization
  • Connecting clinicians across the care continuum
  • Assessing the internal risk and ROI associated with a migration to Jive Cloud
  • Driving collaboration with Jive


I really hope to see you at the Jive Healthcare Summit. It's your best opportunity to learn how Jive helps organizations like yours improve the patient experience, connects clinicians and drive engagement across a complex healthcare ecosystem. If you have any questions about the Healthcare Summit, feel free to ask in the comments below!





Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.