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Do you wanna learn from other Jive Customer Jedi Masters? The Managing and Measuring Mature Communities track is for you. If you're a Jive customer 2+ years or more this track is for you.



Track OwnersClaire Flanagan & Rob Ryan
Target Audience

Program Directors, Community Managers and business leaders

2+ years on their Jive Journey looking for engagement and measurement best practices beyond advocates 101 and measuring page views and registered users

Session typesPresentations, Q&A
Number of sessions8 (4 on each day)
Internal or ExternalAs noted on the session descriptions
Company SizeAll

I've been running this track since JiveWorld11 and I keep wondering how we can keep this fresh and interesting for our veteran, long time program leaders. And this year - our customers continue to deliver with unique stories and techniques, some very advanced. Be sure to check out the amazing stories from customers and thought leaders alike! And I'm so happy to welcome a co-track lead this year be sure to come by and say hello to Rob Ryan.




Wanna know how to use data to make decisions or prove value? Yeah, we got that.

I remember year after year wondering how I would possibly find enough customers that would talk about Measurement!  It's the #1 topic our customers ask for - and for years it was hard to find good customer stories.  This year almost. every. single. session. has some angle on "using data" to drive adoption, prove value or take action. You won't want to miss:


How do I prove my value? Measuring the Community Manager and making the case to grow the team - Kirsten Laaspere - Akamai Technologies, Teri Wayne - New York Life Insurance Company.  Too often we measure the community, but fail to measure ourselves. These customers have figured out ways to measure the program leader, how to assert their worth and how to use data to justify added program resources! Target Communities: While internal stories, techniques applicable to external, too!


Driving Adoption with Data - Kathryn Everest - Pearson, Dina Vekaria-Patel - Pearson.  Jedi Masters, Kathryn and Dina, will share their data exploration approaches, how they used insights to make decisions for change and how they used data again to analyze their results. Leave with some unique ideas to solving global engagement challenges. Target Communities: Internal


Want to make better decisions? Stop using simple analytics. Start using detailed insights using Jive’s DES and well-designed member surveys - Ted Hopton - McGraw-Hill Education.  You won't want to miss Ted-the-metric-master cover how he used data insights from DES and from a series of Survey campaigns to try to solve the "Search Problem".  Target Communities: While an internal story, techniques applicable to external, too!


Using community sentiment or contextual analysis tools to drive business outcomes: Ana Miksche DISH, Caton Guilbault T-Mobile USA Inc. Both customers will share how to use surveys, stakeholder interviews and Jive's contextual analytics to derive insights to drive product improvements, service customers better or even make sales more effective. Target Communities: Internal and external


Or do you want innovative ways to engage customers or engage executives? We got that, too!

Getting the C-Suite to pay attention: Strategic uses cases for internal communities to manage company transitions, mergers and corporate initiatives
Dennis Pearce - Lexmark International, Inc., Tammy Triplett - Leidos. These customers share very strategic uses of their communities that tied directly to company initiatives and kept executives coming back to leverage to communicate and engage employees. Target Communities: Internal


Getting your community groove back. The fine art of reengaging customers and keeping your program relevant Adrian Chang - Oracle Marketing Cloud, Biray Seitz - Instructure. Two very different approaches will be shared to driving deeper customer engagement and content programming either by focusing on the roles of brand SMEs in solving customer problems or by transferring peer-to-peer event planning to members to drive exponential engagement. Target Communities: External


Or do you want to be inspired by the best industry experts? Yup, we got experts, too!

Building the Business Case to Defend and Grow Your Program - Rachel Happe - The Community Roundtable. Rachel's session covers the fine art of building the business case to get to year 2 or beyond by adding story telling, an effective narrative to the right data to prove success and ask for resources with authority. Target Communities: Internal and external


How Analytics and AI-Enhanced Apps Help Us Become More Effective Employees - Alan Lepofsky - Constellation Research. With information overload employees are stretched thinner than ever. Alan shares future innovation trends we can expect to see to drive greater productivity.  And Wendy Bloechle will wrap up with ways you can use Jive today to get insights and be more effective. Target Communities: Internal



Don't miss out on this track full of rich content and lessons from your colleagues! Join us in our track at JiveWorld!

Claire Flanagan

Practice Director, PS Analytics

Rob Ryan

Senior Strategy Consultant

Your Track Co-Leads