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1 Post authored by: Heather Kattner Employee

Hello JiveWorks!


My name is Heather Kattner and I'm a Product Marketing Director at Jive. At JiveWorld17 on May 3rd I will be leading the Industry Focus track. Each industry is unique in its business needs and use cases for Jive, so we have brought in four different industries from Telecommunications, Health, Retail & the highly regulated industry of Financial Services for this track. During these four sessions we are going to look at how each company tackled issues common to enterprise companies. Join our session if your company is in the midst of a cultural, digital or any other kind of transformation and gain insights on how other companies in your industry are taking control and driving change for better.


Track owner: Heather Kattner

Target audience: Companies in the midst of transformation (cultural, digital, etc.)

Session type: 4 Presentations

Number of sessions: 4 (Day 2 only, May 3)

Internal or external: Internal

Company size: Medium to large companies


The Industry Focus track includes four presentations from four companies in various industries but provides use cases that can be applied across the board. Regardless of which industry your company represents, you will find the obstacles faced by enterprise companies – such as critical change in management, brand transformation or empowering employees – insightful and informative. Here is the break down of all four sessions including their industry and the obstacle they have utilized Jive to overcome:


Company: Verizon

Obstacle: Overcoming a critical change in management; better employee communication

Representing the telecommunications industry, Verizon will explain how they guided employees through tough changes in management and built connections between departments across the company. They also found that engagement, sales and collaboration suffer when employees don't trust the company or are kept in the dark. To overcome this obstacle, Verizon will describe how they pushed for transparency across the company and built a better culture as they became more customer-centric.



Company: Cerner

Obstacle: Executive communications after rapid expansion

Cerner faced a common issue when the company grew to 24,000 global employees in a short period of time. Take advantage of this real-life use case and learn how they dealt with this issue and managed to increase executive blog communication by 170% and average engagement on the blogs by 39%. In this session, you will walk away with best practices for facilitating executive communication using Jive and how to avoid pitfalls in your own communications or change management.



Company: Kiabi

Obstacle: Pushing brand transformation in a modern world

Trends never remain stagnant, and companies never should either. Join Kiabi as they revamp their brand as retail is being turned on its head in the era of customer-first and online shopping. They took on the challenge of empowering employees to drive the transformation with the motto "happy customers start with happy employees." This session is a success story by Kiabi who was voted as one of the best places to work in France in 2017 and how they got there by using Jive to align their business values and creating change with their employees at the helm.


Financial Services

Company: Citibank

Obstacle: Building on success as a mature community and encouraging personal development among employees

Hear about the 5-year relationship Citibank has shared with Jive — where they began, what they wanted to achieve, where they are now and where they are going. If you are in a regulated industry, hear how Citibank engages and encourages culture as well as learn best practices from their mature community. Citibank is also unique in that it has a completely separate intranet that they use in conjunction with Jive. Jive is an integral part of their culture as they use it to help employees with personal development through gamification, fundraising events and personal health campaigns. These orchestrated activities have helped Citibank make a bigger impact on the work culture in an incredible way.


Whether your company struggles with a recent brand, cultural, expansion revolution, benefit from these presentations across four sectors and how they have leveraged Jive to spark digital transformation.


I look forward to seeing you at JiveWorld!


~ Heather