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4 Posts authored by: Michael Kerr

The number of collaboration tools in the workplace means our jobs should be getting easier, right? Instead, employees are more overwhelmed and stressed out than ever, according to Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. In his session entitled, “How Analytics and AI Enhanced Apps Help Us Become More Effective Employees,” Lepofsky said people are suffering from “too much information, coming from too many places and too many people, interrupting them with too many tasks.”



Today, the average enterprise leverages an average of 329 different apps and solutions! That’s a boon for choice, but it’s also creating a time sink into which employees spend nearly two hours each day just searching for information. “There’s a huge amount of cognitive overhead that comes from the amount of people we’re dealing with,” said Lepofsky. What we need, he believes, is “smarter software.” Fortunately, the era of personal analytics and AI-enhanced applications is here.



Today, too many people confuse AI with robotics, which leads them to immediately imagine a dystopian future a la The Terminator. Lepofsky doesn’t see AI that way. “It’s not us versus them,” he said. “It’s us and them.” He doesn’t think that AI that tries to mimic the human brain is the answer to information overload though. Instead, software should learn from our behaviors so it can help us become more effective employees. Data is the fuel for intelligent systems yet, while we measure everything in our personal lives today (think Fitbit), we haven't been doing that at work. That’s where analytics comes in.



“We’re getting to the point where we’re going to be able to interact with our software at work the same way we do with the things in our personal lives,” he said, citing image recognition, natural language processing and recommender engines as examples of the direction AI is heading in the workplace. “The more analytics you get about what you’re doing, the more the artificial intelligence can give you information, the more artificial intelligence feeds back to the analytics, the more you know what you’re doing," he said.



As Jive’s product team noted in Tuesday morning’s JiveWorld17 opening keynote, the future of work is already here. Lepofsky believes that software that delivers a contextual, personalized experience will free employees to do more meaningful work. “Companies like Jive are beginning to deliver this stuff, folks, so you’re in the right room,” he said.

Day one of JiveWorld17 has officially begun and I can report, without hyperbole, as far as product announcements go, this is, by far, the most ambitious JiveWorld to date. Attendees got the inside scoop on some of the new earth-shattering advances the company will deliver in the coming year, which, according to Jive CEO Elisa Steele, are the result of a “relentless focus to deliver on our Next-Generation Cloud Platform and advance the science of collaboration.”


First up on the mainstage this year was Dacher Keltner, a Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley and author of the book, “The Power Paradox” (among several others).  He was also one of the brilliant scientific advisors on the recent Pixar film, “Inside Out.” Dacher talked about the importance of human connection, especially how it relates to trust, safety, performance and survival. “We are wired to connect and collaborate,” he said.


Following Elisa’s inspirational keynote, in which she said, “Connecting the disconnected isn’t just a tagline for Jive, it’s our mission,” was executive vice president of products and engineering, Ofer Ben-David, who, along with the product team of John Schneider, Nick Hill and Hunter Middleton shared specific technological advancements that will pave the way for universal identity, enterprise-wide search and WorkGraph™ intelligence in the coming year. Ofer finished up the energizing product tag-team by declaring, “The Jive Collaboration Hub is the only solution that provides the full set of capabilities that allow you to collaborate effectively across your organization, across your network, on any application and any content at every scale."


Last but not least, emcee Sean Winter brought Western Digital CIO Steve Phillpott to the mainstage to explain how Jive’s collaboration hub has been instrumental in bringing together three large Fortune 500 companies (Western Digital, HGST and recent acquisition SanDisk). Jive has enabled Western Digital to quickly connect and leverage three different companies and cultures into one cohesive team, increasing connection and adding business value to the entire organization.


While expectations for Jive's collaboration hub were high coming into JiveWorld17, it appears they're being eclipsed by actual execution. Maybe that's no surprise, though, because, to paraphrase Dacher Keltner, we're literally wired to work together.



More to come soon from JiveWorld17…

Who knew healthcare could be so hard? We did! That’s why, during Monday’s JiveWorld17 pre-conference Healthcare Summit, clinicians, community managers, customers and prospects came together to learn how organizations are leveraging Jive to empower clinicians to make healthcare easier – and better – not only for providers, but for payers and, perhaps especially, for patients.


In her opening session, “No Pain Without Gain,” Providence St. Joseph Health’s Product Manager, Arlene Chiu, discussed how WellSpot, the organization’s Jive-powered internal collaboration portal, is the “connective tissue” that brings leadership strategies and operation layers together. With WellSpot, health professionals can ask questions, get answers and collaborate and coordinate with colleagues throughout the system when it works best for them.


By utilizing Jive on their own schedules and on mobile devices, they can avoid time-consuming meetings and spend their time doing what they do best: helping patients get better. She also showed how small tweaks in the interface can help drive more clicks and those clicks can further drive engagement across the system. “As long as you can help them [clinicians],” she said, “they can help themselves.” By helping healthcare professionals get back their valuable time, Jive is helping patients at Providence St. Joseph get back to health.


Following Arlene were the dynamic duo, Community Manager, Lily Bevis and Assistant Program Manager, Sara Jew from CEP America, one of the nation’s largest providers of acute care management and staffing solutions, serving more than six million patients at 30 health systems in more than 250 practice locations across the U.S. They are so enthusiastic about Jive’s benefits, in fact, coworkers sometimes jokingly refer to them as “those Jive people,” Sara said. In their session, the two backed up their passion with evidence that physicians across the CEP network are using Jive to break down silos and “improve the patient experience, solve problems creatively and keep our intimate culture of caring as we continue to grow our organization.”


In setting up a community, they discussed the importance of asking, “what does success look like for the population you’re starting this for?” They showed how technologies such as single sign-on (SSO) and a governance strategy that makes it easy for people to form new groups and spaces is critical to driving adoption. “It’s important to make sure that when people start asking about collaboration, document-sharing, working together and problem solving, that Jive is that answer,” Lily said.


The pair also called out CEP’s Chief Medical Officer, Gregg Miller, MD (who was in the audience) as an “executive champion” who was instrumental to Jive’s success in the organization. Lily pointed out how Dr. Miller likes to say, “Jive saves lives.” Jive saves lives – it doesn’t get much more meaningful than that.


Stay tuned for more from the floor soon at JiveWorld17!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas? No, not that thing, the other thing. That’s right, it’s gaming! And who would we be if we didn’t give you what you want while you’re in Vegas for JiveWorld17?


Gaming is how casinos pay for all those flashing lights, loud buzzers, exquisite rooms and world-class entertainment. Without gaming, the city wouldn’t be the mega-destination it is today; instead it would still be home to a few tumbleweeds and more rattlesnakes than you can shake a stick at (although shaking sticks at rattlesnakes is not a game we recommend).


The best part of Jive gaming is you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


How to Play:


This year’s Game Series is designed so you get the most out of your JW17 experience, with some extra incentives thrown in for fun! Earn points and badges by using the mobile app to check-in to sessions, booths and special events. Not only will playing expand your prize cache, your reputation will grow too!


How to play


Enter PIN / QR Code – Use this interface to enter / scan PIN and QR codes

Leaderboard – This is the place to be!

Game Missions – All available JiveWorld17 Game Series missions and badge opportunities

Trophy Case – Review the badges you’ve already won in the JiveWorld17 Game Series


Prizes, prizes and more prizes*


Plinko Board – This year, we also have a life-size Plinko board for attendees to earn points toward additional prizes! Once they’ve earned a certain number of point milestones in the app, attendees will have a chance to drop a disc down the Plinko board. The Plinko Board will have 14 slots. The prizes are as follows:


  • 2 Slots = $10 Aria gift cards
  • 2 Slots = Loot Crate (a $55 value)
  • 2 Slots = $5 Pressed Juicery gift cards
  • 3 Slots = $5 Starbucks gift cards
  • 2 Slots = Jive branded Moleskins
  • 2 Slots = Anker Speaker ($37)
  • 1 “Star” slot = Big Prize:
    • Bose Soundsport Wireless Headsets ($150 value)
    • Amazon Echo ($180)
    • Fitbit Charge 2 ($150)


Daily Challenge Awards (via app points, announced post-JiveWorld):


Daily Leader from Tuesday: Bose Soundsport Wireless Headsets($150 value)

Daily Leader from Wednesday: Bose Soundsport Wireless Headsets($150 value)


Best Photo: Shutterbugs rejoice! This is where you can put your photography skills to the test for a chance to win a brand new Amazon Echo($180 value)!


Overall Tweeter: Put your thumbs to the test for your chance to win a ticket to JiveWorld18 and we’ll even pick up your hotel!


Overall Leaderboard: Think you’re the best of the best? Then this is the place to be! The Overall Leaderboard winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to JiveWorld18 (ticket + hotel + coach airfare)


For more information on the specific missions in-play, keep an eye on the JW17 Game feature in the JiveWorld17 mobile app. To learn how to beat Las Vegas at its own game, visit the JiveWorld Blog feature in the JiveWorld17 mobile app main-menu, or visit the JiveWorld17 Information Center.


Happy Gaming!




*Prizes subject to change based on availability. If we run out of a certain prize, it will be replaced by another of comparable value. Good luck and thanks for playing!