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You asked, we listened! At this year's JiveWorld, we are so excited to introduce the very first Jive Store - for all your Jive swag needs.




Our thanks to those of you that participated in Libby's poll to help determine what kind of items to stock! We appreciate the input and considered all of it when choosing items. Here's a sneak peek at some of the cool stuff we will have on offer:

3-30-2017 12-20-25 PM.jpg

(Prices are still being determined, but we can assure you that we will be pricing only to cover the cost of the items)


Why are there no t-shirts, you ask? We will be doing something super awesome and unique for tees, so stay tuned.


The pop-up store will be located next to the Information Center on Level 1 of the conference area. We'll be in business for the following hours:




Sunday, April 30th3:00 PM - 7:00PM
Monday, May 1st7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday, May 2nd7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, May 3rd7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


So come on by to say hi, take a gander, and don't forget your credit card (sorry, no cash or checks will be accepted). Some of these items will be pretty limited edition (*cough*backpacksandPJs*cough*) and once an item sells out, it's gone. Also, these items are only available at JiveWorld17, so be sure to score your sweet new gear early!


See you in Vegas!




We are 30 days from the JiveWorld17, and there is no better time than now to talk about our exciting new addition to the Hacker Lounge and the Partner Expo Hall ... the Jive Derby!


What is the Jive Derby



The basics are fairly simple.  We start with a standard Pinewood Derby track.  Then, participants build LEGO cars (retrofitted with Pinewood Derby Wheels) and personalize it with their own style and LEGO mini-figurine.  Cars are loaded into the starting gate and released down the track.  Race as many times as you'd like.  The fastest non-disqualifying time wins the Jive Derby!  After the race, stop by the "Selfie Photo Finish" backdrop and take a picture with your car with the JiveWorld17 mobile app (coming soon) to document your creativity.  LEGO cars will then be dismantled and parts returned for other participants to build their cars and race.


For those interested in technology, the Jive Derby can be a bit more interesting.  The track is ladened with IoT, camera and IR beam break sensors that integrate derby stats (such as JiveWorks profile, time, speed, environment), imagery and leaderboard details into Jive to bring racers and other derby participants together to collaborate around their race results.  In addition, the Jive Derby offers the ability for developers to tap into the results feed to build custom activity based integrations from the Hacker Lounge.


If we take a look through a deeper lens, you might see that the Jive Derby is much more.   The Jive Derby was built (in part) to be a physical metaphor for the way humans interact with traditional systems in the enterprise.  It doesn't have a large digital collaborative footprint, similar perhaps to some CRM, ERP, CMS, DAM and PIM systems, but it represents the intersection of people coming together at a point in time (if ever so brief) to complete a task.  In many cases, these interactions are discarded (or shielded) from other systems because of virtual silos.  But when you use Jive and the right technologies, you can break the silo mentality, weave interactions into your community memory for future discovery and convert these interactions into relevant relationships that help people work better together!


All in all, we are very excited to see the creativity that is unleashed at the Jive Derby at JiveWorld17.  We hope to see everyone there and get their race on! 

Special thanks to our JiveWorld17 Hacker Lounge sponsor, Silicon Labs, for their assistance in bringing the Jive Derby to life!



How to Win at the Jive Derby

** Here's how to win the Fastest Car Competition:

  • Attend JiveWorld17 and stop by the Jive Derby Track
  • Build a LEGO car, per Car Specification (below)
    • Note: You can bring your own LEGOs and decorations for a competitive advantage.  See Car Specification (below)
  • Race the car under your JiveWorks profile
  • Fastest time on the leaderboard after the last race, ~1:00pm on Wednesday, May 3rd, will win the NES Classic.

Note:  Due to limited availability, we will be giving away
the NES Classic (re-boxed) setup from the Hacker
Lounge, which will include:  1 NES Classic,
1 extra controller and 2 6 ft. extension cables.

** Additional rules and restrictions may be apply.



How to Build Your Jive Derby Car


Materials Provided


1x Jive Derby Race Car BaseAssortment of Standard LEGO piecesAssortment of LEGO mini-figurines

6 x 16 - LEGO Base w/ Derby Wheels

Wheels have been "Kragle"d in place

Bulk Lego Orders

(picture may not match actual pieces)

Legs, torsos, faces and accessories.

(picture may not match actual pieces)

Racers are allowed (and encouraged) to bring their own LEGO specialty pieces to fully personalize their derby race car.

Example Cars Built by Jivers

Here are a few examples of cars that you should be able to make with the LEGOs provided.


Special thanks to Jivers Windy Macdowell, Jason Khoury, Cade Swanson, Giuseppe Pungitore, Jon Connelly, Libby Taylor, Kosheno Moore, Shai Sagi, Olivia Vollan, Nick Clark, Gady Dayan and Lev Waisberg and others for their contributions to this montage! =)

Car Specifications


The following are the requirements for your car to have a qualifying time in the Jive Derby.





10 in.

25.4 cm

~32 studs

  • No part of the race car may extend past the start gate peg (at rest)
  • Distance from start peg to end of track is approximately 9 inches, 22.8 cm, 28 studs.

Front of Car


Front Wheel

3.5 in.

8.89 cm

~11 studs

  • This restriction is to insure that the car will be able to work in the start gate without hanging the back wheel off the back of the track.



2 3/16 in.

7.14 cm

~9 studs

  • Your car must not extend beyond the outer edge of your car's wheels.
  • Note:  These dimensions refer to the base plate.  As noted in the diagram (right), the maximum width for your car at any point is 3.4"



4.5 in.

11.43 cm
~12 studs

  • Height for your car is measured from the bottom of the tire to the top most point.









  • While there is no official "Max Weight per Car" for cars racing for time, there is a restriction on the type of materials that can be used.
  • All cars must consist of standard plastic LEGO pieces and/or Approved non-LEGO accessories
    (see below)








At-Least 1

  • To be eligible to race, there must be at-least 1 LEGO mini-figurine placed on the race car.
  • LEGO mini-figurine must be visible when looking at the race car.
  • LEGO mini-figurine must not extend beyond the maximum height, width or length of the car.



The following will be the requirements for your car to race in the Jive Derby.

  • General stickers, paint, glues are eligible if you bring your own LEGOs
  • If you are using LEGOs provided at the event, all decorations much be able to be easily removed (i.e. no nail polish remover or other chemicals) to return LEGOs to their original state.


Approved Non-Lego Accessories / Decorations

The following are a list of approved non-lego accessories which you may bring/use on your car.  This list will be updated based on community feedback/interest.  We recommend people following this blog post to stay informed on recently approved accessories.


AccessoryMax Qty / CarNotes / Details
Coin Cell Batteries (CRxxxx)2Connecting wires to approved accessories are fine.  No 9v Batteries will be permitted.


How to Request Approval for non-LEGO Accessories / Decorations

  1. Post a comment on this document with the following details:
    • What is the accessory?
    • Picture (required)
    • What is it's length, width, height and weight?
    • How many of the accessory do you plan to put on your car?
  2. We will review and add to the above table if approved.
    • If not approved, we respectfully request that you not include the accessory(s) on your race car.
    • If a derby car is found to have included unapproved accessories, it (and/or the results) will be removed from the competition.


Rules & Regulations

Please see attached PDF for Rules & Regulations

If you've been to JiveWorld before, you are familiar with how amazing the final night parties can be!


This year will be no exception! So get your dancing shoes and dress in your party clothes and come with us to the Intrigue Nightclub located in the Wynn Hotel. The party runs from 7 - 11 pm.


The Intrigue Nightclub


Complimentary shuttle transportation will be provided from the Aria starting around 6:15 pm - more details to come! 


The Intrigue is gorgeous with an inside bar, lounge and dance area and an outside area with multi-layer waterfall. We've got a DJ on hand to spin some dance tunes as well as fabulous drinks and a reception menu with different stations for pasta, carved meats and desserts (so you don't need to pre-eat)!


We hope that you'll join us in closing out JiveWorld17 with this amazing event. We look forward to partying with you!

Hello, JiveWorks! I'm Harini Sridharan and I, alongside Darshita Maniar, will be leading the JiveWorld17 track: Why Jive – The Business Impact of Enterprise Collaboration. Today I'll be telling you about the Why Jive track, and how these sessions could be just the ones you're looking for as you devise an agenda that provides the most valuable JiveWorld experience possible.

      8db7f95cdf01ba65.jpeg         Darshita-cropped.jpeg


Track owners: Harini Sridharan & Darshita Maniar

Target audience: Leaders from organizations considering Jive or looking to expand their use of Jive
Session type: Presentations / Panels / Q&A / mix
Number of sessions: 8 (4 on each day)
Internal or external: Both
Company size: All


The modern enterprise needs to be purposefully and continuously relevant to its customers while also being able to quickly adapt to emerging market trends and industry opportunities – it needs to become a customer adaptive enterprise. But having the kind of energized, enabled and captivated workforce required to quickly innovate, execute and adapt — all while consistently providing outstanding customer support via a united, multi-channel experience — requires a solution that gets teams across the entire enterprise aligned and innovating together based on customer needs.


This track is for anyone interested in truly understanding the business impact of Jive's collaboration hub and the part that it plays in their digital transformation efforts. Whether you're considering Jive for your organization or are looking to get even more out of Jive, this track will provide you with all the information you need to understand why progressive companies from around the globe are working better together with Jive's products and solutions.


During these two full days of sessions, you'll learn about:

  • The strategic value of employee, customer and partner communities – with data to back it up
  • The tactical and strategic decisions customers considered when selecting a collaboration solution, as well the decision paths they went down after
  • The breadth of use cases that can be powered by a people-centric and modern interactive intranet
  • How Jive supports the entire employee journey from on-boarding through development, training and engagement
  • Unique success stories with Jive as the platform for customer engagement, education and support
  • The various ways different non-profit organizations leverage Jive to achieve their mission


Plus, you'll learn all about how employee and customer communities are transforming the way people work from LeaderNetworks and Atascadero Partners, as well as directly from several Jive customers, including:



Joining us for this track is the best way for you to learn more about how Jive can help your organization work better together.


Thanks and hope to see you at JiveWorld17!

Harini & Darshita



Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.

In addition to the main conference and track sessions, on Monday, May 1 we're excited to host a range of deep-dive workshops and training sessions on topics including community program strategy, user experience and configuration tips and tricks, advanced measurement and integrations/add ons.


Claire Fletcher, Selin Korustan, Claire Flanagan, Jez Martin, Shaun Slattery and Jennifer Kelley will be leading many of the half-day pre-conference workshops.  Find details and register at Special Half-Day Workshops | JiveWorld17  or see the expanded list of programs including the "Jive 101 Bootcamp" details at Pre-Conference Workshops & Forums | JiveWorld17.


I know many customers have asked us to cover dashboards and DES!  Join us a day early to take advantage of valuable pre-conference workshops. To add a morning or afternoon workshop to your registration just email to let them know which items you would like to add to your existing registration. For the full list of all pre-conference workshops go to Special Half-Day Workshops | JiveWorld17  or check out the descriptions below!


Morning Sessions: 9:00am - 12:30pm


Integrations the Jive way

Add-ons make it easy to create simple integrations with your existing systems of record. Learn about the Jive-SDK (Node.js) integration options and when to use them.

Try your hand at creating a simple stream integration, apps, and tiles. Having attended this session, you’ll be ready to complete coding challenges in the Hackathon!


Measurement Master Class

This measurement master class will help seasoned community program leaders develop skills they need to build effective dashboards by thinking first about measuring the right things, not all the things.


We’ll cover things like: what makes a good or bad dashboard, why a good dashboard starts with a solid set of program objectives, why it’s important to consider the “shared purpose” of the community when building those objectives, how to state objectives in business outcomes the C-suite cares about, and why story telling and member feedback is a critical ingredient in defending your dashboard and value statements.


Hands on working sessions will help you exercise new skills in building objectives that tie to company strategy but is influenced by your understanding of key use cases, member needs, and the outcomes that would prove success. We’ll also leave time to help you build a sample success story and get feedback from your peers.


Community Growing Pains: Managing Your Community Through the ‘Difficult Teenage Years’

This masterclass is aimed at owners of mature communities that are at least one year past launch and are in need of a refresh. Whether you’re a veteran community manager or you’ve recently inherited an existing community and aren’t sure where to start, this masterclass will help you identify what to tackle first and how to go about it.


You’ll hear from Jive and veteran customer experts about 1. How to ensure your community is continuing to support your organization’s key goals 2. How to grow with the right use cases and design decisions and destinations that support them 3. Tools and tactics that make engaging in your community a habit for your members.


Afternoon Sessions 1:30pm - 5:00pm


Interested in using cloud analytics data to answer business questions? This session will demystify the Data Export Service API. We’ll discuss what an API is, how to access your data, and how to construct a custom API query through hands-on examples. You’ll leave with some experience editing and running a short script to query the API.
If you want to learn more about how to convert your widget-based overview pages to tiles pages, this workshop is for you. Join us in this hands-on session where Jive experts will explain why and how to use tiles and pages, outline design principles for your pages, and lead you in hands-on exercises to create and edit different types of pages, using real-life examples submitted by workshop attendees.
You’ll leave having learned how to use current and upcoming tiles to update your community, and get a chance to hear from our Product Team about future innovations for tiles and pages.
Growth in your community can create new challenges and new opportunities. An ongoing investment in your community strategy and applied design will help foster and sustain growth as your community matures. Learn the methods and best practices for optimizing your community!
Looking for the beginner's pre-conference session? Check out Learn How to Launch/Relaunch Your Community at Jive 101 Boot Camp | JiveWorld17

Hey JiveWorks!


My name is Marc Harrell, I'm a former customer coming to Jive from our implementation at Office of the Director of National Intelligence and currently run our Federal program at Jive. I'll be leading the Federal Summit at JiveWorld17 along with Gili Guri-Mill. This will be a special pre-conference track held on Monday, May 1st and consisting of five federally-focused sessions.


Jive Head-Shot2.PNG gili.png Maureen.Byrne.png

Track owners: Marc Harrell, Gili Guri-Mill & Maureen Byrne

Target audience: Government and highly regulated areas such as insurance, banking, healthcare and more

Session type: Presentations / panels

Number of sessions: 5 (Day 0)

Internal or external: Both

Company size: All




Last year, we hosted a happy hour at JiveWorld for Federal customers where we had an open, informal discussion. However, we realized it wasn't enough and this year we are excited to present our first Federal Summit! We want to make sure you get all the information you need regarding the Jive FedRAMP solution, currently in development and displaying "In Process" on the website. You will also hear from our current customers as we discuss use cases, best practices and success stories. We will show you how you can leverage Jive for deeper collaboration, higher engagement and better communication even in a more regulated market.


Jive for FedRAMP is a certified product hosted in the AWS FedRAMP certified GovCloud environment. We want to ensure we address any and all questions you may have about our new secure and FedRAMP certified offering. We are confident in our FedRAMP certified product and we want to show you why.


Who should attend? While this track is called the "Federal Summit," we also invite other industries that expect the same amount of security as federal. Whether you are a customer, federal contractor or a prospect, you will find these sessions helpful.


Several key themes of the overall track will be:

  • Information about Jive's 2017 FedRAMP Certification process
  • Learning about Jive's advanced security compliance solutions for regulated industries
  • Sharing initiatives and strategies for internal and external communities in the government
  • Hearing industry best practices as it relates to Jive w/in the U.S. Federal Government and government contracting space


We hosted a FedRAMP webcast on February 27th, which provides a great introduction to the sessions we will be hosting at JiveWorld17 and we encourage all of our webinar attendees to join us in person! We will give our federal customers, contractors and prospects the peace of mind that their data is secure in an environment that is typically prone to cyber attacks.


As for the style of the Federal Summit, we were intentional in bringing together sessions to complement each other with presentations and panels from federal customers in addition to a session that will be hosted by Jive so that we can share our security solution. We are bringing innovation to the ever changing political system and using Jive to protect corporate memory and increase communication in the government as thousands of political appointees are taking up positions in the Trump administration.


Want more details? Here is an overview of what sessions you can expect at the Federal Summit at JiveWorld17:

  • Leveraging People Search to drive engagement for your internal community - featuring the Federal Government Contractor, Leidos
  • Diving into Jive's FedRamp Solution - featuring Jive's Chief Security Officer and Director of Sales for Federal
  • Learning how the Army relaunched and drove adoption in their community to connect over 10,000 legal professions from the Army and across the Department of Defense - featuring the US Army
  • Finding out how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs actively supports the transfer of leadership and government functions using Jive as thousands of new cabinet officials are elected - featuring the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Asking questions and hear about changes in the industry at a panel for both internal and external communities - featuring NASA, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and the U.S. Army


The bottom line? The Federal Summit is going to arm you with ideas, concrete examples and specific guidelines on how to bring innovation into a highly regulated field while being hosted in a secure FedRAMP environment. You will walk away with confidence in Jive's FedRAMP solution in addition to answers for all your questions about how Jive is hardened for government, banking, insurance, healthcare and other highly regulated fields.


Hope to see you there!


Marc, Gili & Maureen


Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.


JiveWorld365 , Blogs, Federal Government

Hello, JiveWorks community!


My name is Emmy Quinn and I, alongside Katherine Evans, will be leading the Product Track at JiveWorld17. We’ve been working closely with the Jive Product Team to deliver amazing content and we're here to tell you why these sessions are perfect for you.






Track owners: Katherine Evans & Emmy Quinn

Target audience: Internal & External Community Managers / IT Managers

Session type: Presentations / Demos / Q&A

Number of sessions: 8 (4 on each day)

Internal or external: Both

Company size: All



The Jive Product Track, spanning both days of JiveWorld, will bring together new and old customers who are excited to learn more about Jive's vision. These sessions welcome new and old customers with internal and external communities. You'll hear from the Jive team and customers about how these solutions will break down silos, align your organization, engage and enable customers and partners, and much more.


Over the course of the two-day conference, we’ll cover topics, including:

  • Jive's transition to AWS in order to create Jive's next-generation solutions
  • Jive's Collaboration Hub solving for fragmentation in the digital workplace
  • New capabilities for Collaboration at Any Scale
  • Flexible deployment models for your future technology and business needs
  • Product roadmaps for internal and external communities
  • Jive's mobile offerings solving for "desk-less" and "email-less" workers
  • Jive Insights leveraging the Jive Workgraph to help organizations understand how work happens
  • Jive as a must-have to compliment your Microsoft or Google environments


In addition to these sessions, we have two 45-minute meet-ups scheduled in which you will have the opportunity to speak with Jive experts on topics, including:

  • User experience and design
  • Jive products and roadmap


This is an excellent time to learn about how Jive's products can transform your business with increased productivity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. Don't miss out on your best opportunity to hear from the talented Product Managers and customer industry leaders. We very much hope to see you there.





Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.


A very special thanks to our presenters Jessica Maxson, Ted Hopton, Claire Fletcher, Katie Batten, and Iain Goodridge for a great webinar presentation, "Power Human Connection at JiveWorld17". This was a great session previewing what attendees can expect from JiveWorld17 and how you can make the most of the JiveWorld experience. For those of you who were unable to attend live, we've provided a recording of the presentation. Feel free to post any and all comments and questions for our presenters below.



When Claire talked about Jive 101 Boot Camp she mentioned this great blog post giving more details on the session: Learn How to Launch/Relaunch Your Community at Jive 101 Boot Camp | JiveWorld17


We'll be updating this post soon with the full Q&A from the webinar, so stay tuned!

Hey, JiveWorks! I’m Bill Klco, and I’ll be leading the pre-conference Healthcare Summit at JiveWorld17 alongside Ian Botbyl. It’s a full day of sessions just for our healthcare communities, and today I’ll be getting into the details of what you can expect at the Healthcare Summit and why you should join us.

bill_klco photo.png.jpg  11407028_10155703157975534_1734356792233951906_n.jpg

Track owners: Bill Klco & Ian Botbyl

Target audience: Healthcare professionals

Session type: Presentations / panels / Q&A / mix

Number of sessions: 7

Internal or external: Both

Company size: All

The Jive Healthcare Summit will bring Jive customers from across the healthcare industry together to explore how Jive is being used to improve patient care and coordination across the healthcare system, as well as how Jive-n and Jive-x are being utilized together to bridge the gap in care. You'll also hear inspiring stories of how Jive is being used to solve specific problems during the Healthcare Industry Panel.


Over the course of the day we'll cover topics, including:

  • Providing better communication and collaboration to physicians and their teams
  • Driving patient engagement within wellness communities
  • Bridging the gap in care with internal and external communities
  • Enhancing coordination across a complex healthcare system
  • Improving EHR support



This full-day pre-conference track welcomes any of our customers in the healthcare industry regardless of whether they're a new or mature community. Our new customers will gain valuable insight into how other healthcare organizations are successfully using Jive, while mature communities will learn how they can begin implementing new use cases to drive adoption and reinvigorate engagement with fresh tips and tricks. This one-day Summit kicks off at 9:30am on Monday, May 1, with seven unique sessions that will focus on:

  • Improving communication across the organization
  • Incorporating learning with social collaboration in the workplace
  • Enhancing patient care
  • Utilizing Jive to improve your organization
  • Connecting clinicians across the care continuum
  • Assessing the internal risk and ROI associated with a migration to Jive Cloud
  • Driving collaboration with Jive


I really hope to see you at the Jive Healthcare Summit. It's your best opportunity to learn how Jive helps organizations like yours improve the patient experience, connects clinicians and drive engagement across a complex healthcare ecosystem. If you have any questions about the Healthcare Summit, feel free to ask in the comments below!





Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.



Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.




Hello JiveWorks! I'm Gili, one of the track leaders alongside Michelle Gantt for the Driving Engagement and Adoption track at JiveWorld17. I'm here to tell you more about this track and why it's perfect for you.

Gili_blog.png  Michelle+Gantt_jw post.png


Track owners: Gili Guri-Mill & Michelle Gantt

Target audience: Internal & External Community Managers with 1+ years experience

Session type: Presentations / panels / Q&A / mix

Number of sessions: 8 (4 on each day)

Internal or external: Both

Company size: All


While some conferences leave you with success stories but no instructions, you are going to walk away from this track with a real toolkit that you'll be able to leverage when you're back home. This toolkit is going to be filled with tips, tricks and a clear vision of how to get to where you want to go. While success stories are important, we are also focused on the how. Which is why you are going to see a mix of panels (a time for you to personally interact with the communities who are where you want to be, or who have been where you are), Q&A discussions and presentation on success stories and how they got there.


Several key themes of the overall track will be:

  • Advanced engagement techniques
  • Measuring to prove business value
  • Integrating community into your digital strategy
  • Using community to drive innovation
  • Keeping deskless workers connected


This track is for Jive customers who have mastered the basics of their community including adoption metrics, user engagement and organization change. You have already implemented your community, and are now ready to strategize for the next year and beyond. We want to help you realize where the gaps are and help you cover them. While we also welcome pre-launch communities to join this track, the information may be overwhelming for newcomers.


I want to emphasize that this a track for all companies, regardless of size, industry, or location. We were intentional in our selection of presenters and panelists to be relatable to your community with representation in the health, tech, government, travel, retail, construction industry and more!


We also have something for your community regardless of whether you are new to the game or a mature community that may be overdue for a makeover:


  • New communities: Learn how to drive adoption and engagement moving forward
    • You are just starting your community and have plenty of content, but no one participating. You want to know how to drive adoption among employees or customers and keeping them active in the community in addition to what challenges to expect. If you know what to expect, it's easier to prevent!


  • First year+ communities: Get even more out of your community.
    • External communities: Your company bought Jive for the purpose of customer support and now you're thinking about how you can use it for a learning community as well.
    • Internal communities: You bought Jive-n for your CEO to communicate with the company and now you want to start using it for onboarding but aren't sure how to implement it.


  • Mature communities: Mature communities know their weaknesses best, so take this opportunity to learn from your peers. There is always room for improvement and new ways to utilize your Jive community.
    • You bought a community to share News, but how can you measure the impact of it on employees or customers? How can you improve upon results and get the most out of your investment?


These sessions will be spread over two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) so you can mix and match with other tracks or attend all eight sessions! While some tracks are more pertinent to Jive-n, others are specifically for Jive-x and how to grow loyalty within your customer base to get the best return on interest.


Here is a general overview of what each session will offer (subject to change):

  • Keeping deskless workers engaged
  • Engaging employees in a Jive-x community
  • Using Jive's News function for corporate communications
  • Maintaining engagement and adoption for Jive-n/Jive-x communities
  • Encouraging adoption for your new internal community
  • Maintaining and increase adoption for your "first year+" internal community
  • Engagement and enablement for large organizations
  • Creating power users and moderators in your external community


The bottom-line? The Driving Engagement and Adoption track is going to help you benefit the most from your Jive community. You are going to learn from the pros and walk away with a game plan to make your community even more successful.


Thanks and hope to see you soon,

Gili & Michelle




Check out the JiveWorld17 website to learn more about our biggest conference of the year! Not signed up for JiveWorld yet? Register now.

Help spread the word about JiveWorld17! Share your plans to attend with coworkers, followers and acquaintances by using a simply avatar image overlay on your social profiles. By helping your connections hear about JiveWorld17, you are opening the door for them to learn more about Jive, help their Jive community become more successful (if they have one) and share their own stories with other users! Whether you are a partner, sponsor, speaker, reporter or attendee we want to celebrate your participation in our biggest event of the year. Bonus: You get to brag to your followers that you are going to be at JiveWorld17 with us!


How to include an overlay on your Twitter profile image

Hint: you can use it on Facebook too! Follow the steps below to get your very own JiveWorld17 Avatar overlay:


1) Select which Avatar overlay (Twibbons) applies to you.


2) Login to Twibbon to have the overlay added to your profile

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.30.25 AM.png


3) Select either Twitter or Facebook and sign in (you only need to select one. Once you are logged in, you can add them to your either profile)


Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.31.32 AM.png


4) Authorize the app to access your account

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.34.38 AM.png


5) Select either Facebook or Twitter to add the overlay to your account. Bonus: Do both!

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.36.40 AM.png


6) Click and drag the overlay to adjust the placement or choose a new profile image. Once you are happy with your new avatar, hit Add the Twibbon to Twitter / Add the Twibbon to Facebook

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.37.52 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.40.17 AM.png


Note: If you choose not to use Twibbon, you can download the Photoshop files below to create the avatar images yourself (download "" below).


Want to promote that you're attending, sponsoring, or speaking?

Post these social badges on your personal blog or website! We have badges for sponsors, speakers, champions & attendees (you can download the "" attachment below).



What's next?

You might get questions about JiveWorld from your connections or followers. If you do, feel free to point them to our JiveWorld17 web site or to JiveWorld365 on the JiveWorks community to see blogs and videos from past conferences.

Are you a newcomer to Jive or a brand new Jive customer? JiveWorld17's Jive 101 Boot Camp pre-conference day is designed just for pre-launch communities, communities less than six months old, or communities in need of a relaunch. This session will help community managers, program strategists, and technology leads get up to speed on the key activities for success.


Jive 101 boot camp features

  • Learn about the important phases when launching a community
  • Collaborate in round-table conversations with Jive experts as well as other newcomers
  • Learn real skills to focus your efforts for a successful launch/re-launch
  • Get tips on how to survive JiveWorld and a chance to meet JiveWorld alumni with a community profile like yours


Jive 101 is intended to be a deeper, more interactive, detailed learning experience that syncs to what is presented online in the Adoption Resource Center. Our audience is either people who are inexperienced community managers new to the Jive concepts of community launches or experienced community managers who have never been through a community launch and are thinking of relaunching their community. Sessions will be interactive and our focus is on teaching attendees real skills so that they can walk away with the ability to take action.


The launch process is extensive and can be quite complicated. Tackling it on your own is difficult at best. Jive 101 will give you the knowledge and skills to bring your community through a success launch/relaunch. Each of the sessions below is connected to the others to create an integrated learning experience, so please plan on staying for the whole day.


Jive 101 boot camp agenda

Morning SessionsAfternoon Sessions

1. Launching a successful community

  • Understanding the big picture
  • Defining your use cases
  • Developing a road map

5. Community launch/relaunch

  • Launch phases and activities
  • Adoption planning and managing change
  • Identifying role models and advocates
  • Defining incentives and gamification

2. The planning phase

  • Defining your mission and goals
  • Developing your community identity and name
  • Focusing on your top 3 use cases

6. The manage phase

  • Developing a governance structure and roles
  • Managing policies and processes
  • Support for community teams and users

3. Design concepts and factors

  • Theming today: design as communication, design hierarchy
  • Home page design: headers, navigation, use cases, footer
  • Place designs: best practices
  • Design check-lists

7. The growth phase

  • Developing long-term strategy and vision
  • Growing adoption in current and new use cases
  • Upgrades and evolution

4. Build-out theme and design

  • Structuring your community/places
  • Defining your site architecture
  • Developing home page navigation and calls-to-action

8. Measuring your launch

  • Capturing the story: meaningful measurement
  • Showcasing business impact
  • Key ways to measure: dashboards


The agenda above is so rich and full of learning, Selin Korustan Michelle Gantt and I are so excited to bring this day to you!


Sign up for Jive 101 boot camp

Jive 101 is available as a pre-conference day on Monday, May 1 option to the JiveWorld17 conference (you can't only attend Jive 101). There's an additional cost to attend Jive101 ($300).


You can sign up for Jive 101 on the JiveWorld17 registration page: Registration | Jive Software

JiveWorld17 may seem like a ways off – May 1- 3, 2017 – but we're already booking speakers, fine-tuning tracks, filling the agenda, and stirring the collaboration pot to make sure this year's event is better than ever. (Side note: Early Bird registration is also open until January 31st, so if you want to save some green, be sure to sign up early!)


There are so many reasons to attend: Stellar workshops. Inspiring keynotes. Customer stories galore. Learning from and collaborating with – industry experts. The Developers Conference (and the JiveWorld17 Derby!). But that's just according to us. What do attendees have to say about JiveWorld? What makes it a can't-miss experience for Jive customers, old and new? We went through JiveWorks and dug up some comments and conversations about the event.


So here are five reasons to attend JiveWorld, straight from JiveWorld Alumni:


  1. Unique use cases.

  2. Stage-time for customers.

  3. Energizing experiences.

  4. Tips and encouragement.

    This is a reaction to a presentation called, "Getting Executives Engaged":
  5. Connections. Connections. Connections.

    Of course, JiveWorld isn't just about the speakers you see, but the connections you make – connections that extend beyond the conference and into your own work. Check out this convo post-JiveWorld, which are replies (lightly edited for clarity) to the JiveWorks post, Advanced engagement for internal communities:

This is just a handful of comments we dug up around JiveWorks. Have you attended JiveWorld? What do you like about it? What makes it different than other conferences? Let us know in the comments!



Want to see the agenda, get details about Jive BootCamp or the developers conferenceor just want to get in on Early Bird pricing? Learn more: JiveWorld17.