• Would you like to be a JiveWorld17 blogger?!

    We had such great success last year with community members blogging at JiveWorld, I would love to get people signed up to blog again this year!   If you want to be a JiveWorld17 blogger, we will be happy to have...
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  • Where do I find my headshot from the Headshot Hookup?

    Where do I find my headshot from the Headshot Hookup?
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  • City of Jive - lyrics please?

    Sean Winter - Can we count on you to share the lyrics to the song you and Joey grace us with?
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  • Adding items to JW schedule via the app

    Trying to add items to the schedule in the JW app.  I see i can invite others to a meeting, but can't invite myself. Is there a way to add other items to my schedule?
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  • Jive’s 2017 Digital Transformation Award Winners Announced!

    The Results are IN!   We've unveiled the 25 winning customers for the Eighth Annual Digital  Transformation Awards!   Take a look at the announcement here: 2017 Jive Digital Transformation Award Winner...
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  • Interested in planning a meet up at JiveWorld17?

    Last year we had a meet-up lounge where attendees could schedule meet ups with other attendees. This year we want to improve on that process.   The Intent of the "Meet Up" Meet ups are intended for attendees to...
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  • Will be the slides of each presentation be published here?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know if someone is going to publish the slides of the sessions. Thank you Curzio
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  • Is the Jiveworld app attendees up to date?

    When using the iOS app for JiveWorld I tried to find my company or colleague  Patrick Roelandt but I don't get any results.   Is the attendee list up to date or is this the list of attendees of last year? &...
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  • Help! What packing tips do you have for JiveWorld?

    JiveWorks, I need your help! I want to put together a helpful packing list for newcomers to JiveWorld17. It may or may not be also for myself because this is my FIRST JiveWorld! That being said, it's also hard to writ...
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  • Is there a dress code for day and evening events?

    It will be warm in Vegas. Excluding the final night party, can I wear dress shorts, polo shirt, and shoes?
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  • Know Your Unicorn! Your Guest Internal Communities CM will be at JW17!

    Hello JiveWorlders! I just wanted to give a shout out to the Jive Internal Communities group and let everyone know that I will be maintaining my Unicorn duties while at JiveWorld.  My guest community management s...
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  • Someone's missing a mobile phone?

    I found one in the rest room close to Bristlecone 7. I will leave the phone at the Jive information.
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  • Access Code for internet?

    Is there an access code to use internet for those who aren't staying at Aria?  The guest access is only 1 MBPS and needs to be reset every hour (a little inconvenient).
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  • Calling all Alumni - How many JiveWorlds will this be and what are you looking forward to?

    Hey JiveWorld Alumni! How many JiveWorlds have you attended (or is it going to be your first?). And what are you most looking forward to?   I'll start.   JiveWorlds I've attended I've been to every JiveWorl...
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  • Aria gym access?

    Is access to the Aria gym included with our Jiveworld ticket? If not, does anyone know the cost and if we get a discount?
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  • When will the JiveWorld 17 mobile app be available?

    Or will there be another mobile app for JiveWorld 17? Didn't see it available in the PlayStore yet. Thanks!   CC: Stephanie Vosmus
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  • Hotel room scam?

    I got a message on my work phone from someone who said they wanted to talk to me about "the JiveWorld conference you are attending" but no other info in the message.  The phone number was 888-511-7396.   Th...
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  • The registration page won't allow me to add a guest.

    I’m trying to edit my registration in order to add a guest.  After adding a guest and saving, I get the message “Please select conference workshop session” in red.  However there’s ...
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  • How do I find a receipt for my registration?

    I registered on the Early Bird and need a receipt.
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  • Have you voted on your favorite items for a Jive store at JiveWorld17?

    We opened a poll asking for everyone to vote for the kind of branded Jive swag they might be interested in purchasing at JiveWorld17.   Check out the poll here, everyone can vote! Jive Swag at JiveWorld17 - What ...
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