• Metrics reporting scorecard by Hitachi - was this you?

    There was a mention in a session about a great looking reporting scorecard from Hitachi. If that is you, would you be open to sharing/discussing. 
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  • Where can I find all the fotos from JiveWorld17?

    There were so many cool fotos, where can we find them?
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  • Something I didn't quite like about #JiveWorld17

    JW17 was fantastic. Great content, great events and speakers on the main stage and I personally enjoyed my track sessions as a speaker. There's one little peeve I have which may be a small issue in the larger scheme o...
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  • Are there any special plans for us Champions?

    Hello, Libby Taylor and Becky Leung   In years' past, we always had a lunch or get together for the Jive Champions at JiveWorld.  I still treasure my cool "Jive Champion" jacket you gave us a few years ago....
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  • How many people joined JiveWorld17?

    My colleagues asked me how many people joined JiveWorld17. I could have a guess, but is there an official number? Thanks in advance. Regards, Lilian
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  • Who's looking forward to JiveWorld17?

    For those of you who have attended JiveWorld in past years, you know that there is a lot to get ready for because there's always a ton going on.    Keep your head on a swivel.   Specifically, I'm wo...
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  • Pre-Conference Half-Day Sessions

    I was looking to edit my registration to include a 1/2 day workshop but I don't see it as an option:     Are these booked up or is there a way I can still get in?  I'm trying to take the Tiles and Pa...
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