Welcome to the Learning and Development community of practice!

learningmeetup.jpgAt The specified item was not found. there were several informal meetups of people interested in connecting about learning use cases in their jive communities. We found each other on Twitter and through this pre-conference discussion: Learning & Development Use Case - Let's meet up at JiveWorld 14.

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Prior to the conference I was very interested in learning how fellow Jive customers were using Jive as a part of their organization's learning strategy. At Northwestern's Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change program where I work, we use an internal Jive cloud community for our social learning community and have mostly moved off of the university learning management system. We are always interested in connecting with fellow learning and organizational development professionals to learn how what we are doing in the higher education space can inform corporate learning and vice versa. There is much to learn from each other and more similarities than differences as we discovered when we shared our stories with each other in Las Vegas.

So let's kick off this revitalized group by introducing ourselves and sharing our learning use cases with each other. Here are some prompting questions that might get you inspired to share.

  • What is your Jive learning use case? Or what could be a learning use case in your organization?
  • Has Jive changed the way that learning & development is happening in your organization? If so, how?
  • How is your organization developing social leaders?
  • How is learning different between internal and external communities?
  • How do we use tools like Jive to converge around topics of interest and develop skills in order to support the company strategy?
  • How do we extend the learning beyond the traditional classroom setting to engage with colleagues outside of the class and then people outside the company?
  • What else is on your mind?

Sharing our use cases will mean that we don't have to wait until the next JiveWorld to talk learning design as it relates to Jive. Maybe next year the learning discussions can be less informal, especially if more learning professionals attend as Andy Wooler mentions in the tweet below. Start thinking about submitting JiveWorld presentation topics so we can highlight more learning use cases like Tracy Maurer of UBM and Nils Heuer of Pokeshot shared in the Jive as a Development Platform session.


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FEBRUARY 2015 UPDATE: In preparation for the Learning Group virtual gathering on Feb. 6, 2015, there is now a Google Document that attempts to capture the various use cases that have been shared in this discussion. This document can be edited by anyone so feel free to add to it!


Jive Learning Group - Learning & Development Use Cases - Google Docs

If you can't access the Google Doc, click here to download it as a pdf.