Stewart Wachs cornered me on the first day of Jiveworld and said to me


"Uhh, I am not sure how I missed this but I forgot to schedule you for booth duty? I think you have one shift ? Do you mind floating at the booth a little"


I very specifically recall him saying "little". I am not sure what Stewart thought it meant but I took little to mean little.Pretty much I stopped by every day to see if the booth still there. Reassured that it had not been moved I would rearranged some cables, toss any empty cups and promptly leave.


Why would I do that? Well I have a bit of a confession: I've never really been to JiveWorld


You see when the schedule came out I was expecting my usual 6 hours of booth time. That, plus customer meetings, means I don't tend to see anything but main stage. I'll generally watch the tracks later but ,like watching a Cubs game on TV, it isn't the same. As such when Stewart published his Frank-Free schedule I immediately said


"Ferris is going to the bleachers!"


I gravitated to Claire Flanagan's track but I floated around to a lot of other sessions. RBC's talk on the business case or Cerner's on deskless workers were interesting new takes on things from clients that I have been involved with for years. As such it was very educational.


That said I think there was something missing.


I had noticed Tuesday when Keeley and Commvault were talking that many in the audience were furiously taking notes. Every word, every slide, It was during Ted's talk Not to be confused with a Ted Talk) on day two that I really started studying the crowd. I think everything he proposed made sense to the folks gathered. Where I think people struggle is "HOW?"


  • How do I get a mandate to be a change agent?
  • How do I operate across an organizations that ask you to fit in job titles and org charts?
  • How do I enlist partners through out the organization so I can get access to tools and build alliances


This is what led me to ask Ted,


Hi Ted, Long time listener. First time caller. My question is this: how did you go about getting access to Tableau, the VP of sales etc.


Ted looked at me somewhat confused. His answer was that he just "got it"


Maybe the question was not properly worded but I think the fact that he got mandate, got on calendars, and got access to the tool encapsulate something many struggle with.


So how do we help people along that path? I think we all want to get there but the question is how do I learn these skills to undertake Ted/Keeley like transformations? It also begs the question of whether Jiveworld is the venue of how to learn this?


Maybe not?


  • I wonder if part of the next evolution is for this set of education to be taken on by someone outside of Jive?
  • Is this something that Rachel Happe and community roundtable need to look? If it goes outside of Jive is the right way to think about this an approach divorced from technology?
  • Later at the party Keeley suggested that maybe the right way to solve this is do it intensively. She cited the Northwestern University program that she and many others came from, the Masters in learning and of organizational change (aka MSLOC ) (FYI  Jeff Merrell ) Is this something that needs to be elevated to some sort of formal education venue like a university?


This is a topic that Shaun Slattery and I have discussed over beers a number of times but I'm curious on your thoughts.