• Tell me about certification versus getting training certificates?

    Not having ever been certified in anything, I'm not sure how much more rigor there is around the training and resulting testing than there is for training with a completion certificate? Which is more valuable and desi...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Introduce Yourself to the Learning and Development Group

    Welcome to the Learning and Development group!  Tell us about yourself and what brought you here.        Where do you work? What is your role in the organization and in your Jive community? ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • How do you champion digital engagement among traditional stakeholders?

    As I'll talk about next week, we at University of Chicago have an institutional culture that is very traditional and very face-to-face. Our alumni relations strategy until recently was primarily focused around periodi...
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  • Do you see a correlation between Collaboration and Learning?

    At Cleveland Clinic, we have developed a strategy where social online collaboration and learning go hand in hand.  So instead of just looking at "blended learning", we are blending learning with social collaborat...
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  • What is an uncomfortable moment you had at Jive World?

    Comment on this discussion to share.
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  • What happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas ... Join the Learning and Development Track discussions before, during and after JiveWorld 17

    Calling all Jivers interested in the universal Jive use case...LEARNING.  Join the conversation right now leading up to JiveWorld so we can start getting to know each other and share valuable insights.   ...
    Keeley Sorokti
    created by Keeley Sorokti
  • How are you going beyond traditional self-directed e-learning and instructor-led workshops using Jive?

    In our Selling is a Team Sport: Integrating Jive-n into All Aspects of a Sales New Hire Program | JiveWorld17 session at JiveWorld 17, James Visher, April King, and I will share how we have enhanced Commvault's Sales ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • How can you begin to change your leadership's mindset about learning?

    In the Healthcare Pre-Conference, Al Redding and I are discussing how we used Jive to make a paradigm shift in how we approach learning at Trinity Health.   What are your thoughts on this topic? How have you bee...
    Amy Castillo
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  • Should we consider an incremental release of Jive-N features?

    Hi folks,   We will soon rollout our new Jive-N intranet (still under construction). Our current intranet has almost no end-user functionality (post an item, reply to a post).   The motivation for the new ...
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  • Archive 2014 - 16 | Introduce yourself. What brought you to the Learning group?

    Join the new introduction discussion for 2017 and beyond: Introduce Yourself to the Learning and Development Group ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Welcome to the...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • Who is coming to Jive World for the new Learning and Development Track?

    Hello Learning and Development Peeps - We have the inside from the Jive World webinar today - these are the Learning and Development Track sessions (see attached image)   Jive: The Invisible LMS - Andy Wooler An...
    Amy Castillo
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  • Has anyone heard of ClassHub?

    I use a product called Reflector2 so that I can both demo and record demos on my mobile devices using a PC. The company that sells it, Squirrels, just informed me of a new offering of theirs, ClassHub, that sounds lik...
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  • View or download our latest webinar: Time Management Training with SmarterPath

    THANK YOU ALL for your great interest and your active participation in our last webinar "EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING" with #SmarterPath! We are so happy to provide you our latest webinar about “Effe...
    Julia Köster
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  • Learning Group name changed to 'Learning and Development' to reflect new L&D Track at JiveWorld

    Learning and Development group members -- Our work over the past 4 years paid off! There is now a L&D track at JiveWorld17.  You all can help make it a success.   I thought it made sense to change the ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • How would you like to see the intersection of learning and development with communities / intranets / ESNs represented at JiveWorld?

    My working hypothesis....If more learning and development professionals were working directly with community managers and strategists within organizations, we could create new and better learning experiences which ext...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • Cornerstone LMS Integration?

    I know that we discussed this at the Learning Unconference at JW16, but alas I'm still recovering from that trip so ... is there Cornerstone/Jive integration or is that in the works?   Asking for a friend.
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  • Update on LMS Integrations

    I have had a number of discussions now with Jive on LMS integrations - here's what i can share to date:   Jive are currently actively working on an integration into the "Bridge" LMS - the screenshots I posted el...
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  • What learning or certification platform do you use in your communities?

    Hey everyone,   Looking for your expertise in how you deliver learning materials or training in your communities? I know there are a lot of ways to provide training, so I'm curious what others have done.   ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Looking for a Job Description for a Digital / Comms Community Manager in Learning & Development

    Does anyone have a job description that is specifically for someone who is driving the learning & development in the community?
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  • If you want to try social learning in Jive

    I created two SmarterPath courses on how to use SmarterPath for everyone who is curious. Feel free to click the tab "course catalog" in this group on the top navigation.
    Linda Werner
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