• LucidChart Jive trial

    One of the functions we find missing in documentation collaboration in Jive is diagramming and so we were looking at this plugin.  However, we would like to try it out before purchasing.  We would like to ha...
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    created by alann.demeester
  • Would you please update your Jive Group so that users can find what they need?

    I have employees who are now using LucidChart and want me to activate the Add-on. I can't find ANY information on how to do this. What I see is: A video about the app in Jive 6 (how many years ago was that?) Feature...
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    last modified by tmaurer
  • No longer supported?

    We are Jive 8.0.2 hosted and the lucidchart app is presenting an error.  Considering this group hasn't been updated in over 4 years, I'm wondering if the app is supposed any longer??  Anyone have any ideas??...
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    last modified by Stacy Plante
  • Lucidchart in Jive Cloud instance

    Hi Ryan Butters,   You and I spoke at JiveWorld14 last month regarding the potential use of Lucidchart in NI's Jive Cloud instance.  This is an internal community named NI Talk.  You and I discussed cr...
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