• Jive Mobile app and Jive daily

    Hello community,   Has anyone come across a clear differentiation between Jive mobile app and Jive daily app? I personally find Jive daily quite a bit more user friendly with better functionality (registration...
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  • SSO authentication to Jive Mobile app

    Any other clients out there that are using the hosted version of Jive and require users to be on their network in order to authenticate through SSO? Are you using the Jive Mobile App? We're interested in hearing from ...
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  • iOS 9 features

    In lieu of a roadmap for the mobile client, can you please support the following iOS 9 features:   1. iPad multitasking (allowing side-by-side apps) 2. SafariViewController for the authentication workflow....
  • Good wrapper & Jive native app

    We'd really like to connect with the other firms that are clients of both Good and Jive to share experiences on wrapping the Jive native app with in Good.  Please add a comment below or DM me in the Community.
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  • Roadmap for Mobile

    Is there a roadmap for Mobile available?
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  • Jive Mobile Secured by Good

    Hi guys,   looking at this: Jive Mobile | Good Community I ask myself where I can get more information or even the app, which has been secured by Good? It cannot be found in the public App store, so I wonder if...
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  • Jive Chime for iOS: Dynamic Text

    To Mobile Team Anuj Verma   I can't seem to find a place for Jive Chime in this community nor a list of people who are working on it, so perhaps you could direct this feedback at the right people, or mention the...
    Ben Zweig
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  • Developing mobile app from scratch - what would you improve upon Jive's app?

    Due to some security protocols internally being incongruous to Jive's app, we're looking to develop our own proprietary app for our Jive community.   What are the features that you love?   What are the fe...
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  • mobile analytics

    I hope i am not asking a question that has already been asked.   Are analytics being collected on our mobile devices. We would like to know how many people are accessing and logging in via our mobile page. ...
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  • Any plans to support multiple jive sites through mobile app?

    After our recent upgrade to jive 6.0.4, I tried the new iOS mobile app over 3G network. Great improvement. Its really fast. And able to perform all actions by holding iPhone in one hand and just using a thumb reall...
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  • Profile Page on Jive Mobile App

    Hi,   We have customized Jive Mobile App for our PROD instance. We want to customize the list labels and the order of the list that available on Profile page:   Can we update this thing using IPA file? ...
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  • Iframe in Mobile?

    I know iframes are the devil and all...but we need them to display videos in our instance. Suddenly all of my videos are not appearing on mobile due to the fact that they're all iframe-ed. Iframes are "enabled" in our...
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  • Where did the explore view in the iPad app go? Is it coming back?

    The 'explore' view of the iPad app was very eye catching.  I was hoping to see the other stream views in this mode, but instead it was removed in version 0.7.xxx Is that view dead?  Or will you be bringing...
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  • What features are available with new Jive Andriod app?

    Do we have a list of all the features available via Jive Android app?
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  • Mobile 3 IOS APP Enhancement Requests

    Will there be an update to the IOS app that would include the ability to save the Jive URL's? Currently the app does not store previously used URL's and users have difficulty remembering their community URL .. especia...
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  • Designing content for mobile?

    Does anyone have any guidelines/tips/tricks for designing for native Jive documents/content items for the mobile user? Thanks!
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  • How do download Jive Mobile app?

    Hi,   I want to download Jive Mobile app. Can anyone please suggest me on this?   Kindly also let me know if there is any option available to customize it to change the color and logo etc.     Best...
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  • HTML5 - Limitations for Mobile

    I am hoping (praying?) that we're missing something...   The HTML5 version of Jive Cloud does not appear to have any functionality to upload images or files, nor can it even view images uploaded by others. Uploa...
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  • Persistent login for Jive Mobile

    Is there a timeline of when users won't have to log in every time they open the mobile app?
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  • Jive mobile 6.1.0 - where is the admin guide?

    I am running Jive version 6.0.3 and investigating the Jive mobile app. The jive Mobile module document at https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-40441 indicates that Mobile 6.1.0 is the version to use for Jive 6....
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