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Wow, who knew Mike Fraietta was such a great MC!! Thank you Mike, Tiffany LaBanca and Kristen Ritter (In loving memory) for 1. offering your location for our event and 2. managing all the logistics, agenda and lining up the session leads for today's event Upcoming NY-Area Jive Customer Gathering - Hosted by NewsCorp


I love attending these events. It's always awesome to catch up with friends, yes, but it's always more fantastic to meet new practitioners who have solved problems that all of us struggle with. There were a few folks I "met" in the Jive Community that I made sure to meet in real life and others who I know I met in the past but got to connect with in a more intimate setting (vs. JiveWorld - as awesome as that is!). Glad I made the trip from Massachusetts, well worth it!


Thanks Jive for hosting our after hours, too!

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